5 Best Ways to Sell Your Non-Running Car for Cash

5 Best Ways to Sell Your Non-Running Car for Cash

How much does the same non-running car removal for cash cost that makes you sit in your driveway / backyard, rusty? If you have an old car in your life and you don’t need it anymore, you should seriously consider getting rid of it instead of leaving it to rot in your driveway or backyard.

If you leave the car unused for months or years, things deteriorate, bodies rust, and you end up with a non-racer that is harder to get rid of. Well luckily you can still make money off your car, yes, even if it’s not working and even half of it is missing. Here are some good options worth exploring for those who want to know how car removal for cash work and where you can sell a non-running car for cash.

1. You can Simply List your Car on Craigslist

Be sure to make it clear to any potential buyer that there may be faults in your car and point out the ones you know about just sell a non-running car nearby.

2. You don’t want People to Come Back Later and Ask you To Fix it

If there is something specific that caused your non-running car to go off the road, and the rest is in decent condition, you might consider taking your car apart, which means removing pieces from it to sell.

For example, you could have blown the engine, or maybe you had an accident that wasn’t worth repairing, but much of the car is intact. Have you seen the dealer prices for the smaller accessories?

Most people could remove the battery, side mirrors, center console, CD radio, lights and lenses, seats and wheels and tires (which you can recycle). It is best not to touch things like the steering wheel, which may have an air bag that could inflate and be injured suddenly.

3. Sell it to the Local Junkyard

You will find that a lot of junkyards will come and drag your car, and they should give you some money for it too.

You better check beforehand if they mind you taking the parts off before I pick them up because of course they make their money dividing and selling auto parts.

If you settle for just selling the easy accessories, they will still have a lot of heavy-duty parts like axles, doors, etc. that they can benefit from. You will still have to check first.

Of course, you could just sell it to the junkyard as it is right now, without removing parts, and they would be happy with that.

To find junkyards near you, use the Auto Salvage Yards directory quickly and easily. It allows you to search junkyards by state and cities so you can find the ones closest to you.

4. Sell your Non-Running Car for Junk

You can make good money selling non-running and wrecked cars. And a car of any size has a decent amount of metal. If your car is really dead, with most of the parts worn or broken, it can come down to scrap metal sales.

When you sell something for scrap, it is really the weight of the metal that determines the price you get. If you have an older car or truck, this works to your advantage as they tend to be heavier.

Unlike a junkyard car removal for cash, probably won’t come to pick up the car, so you’ll have to organize your own towing and transportation. You will need to calculate the cost of this by how much you can earn by scrapping the car.

5. Sell it Online

Recently, websites have appeared offering to buy your non-running car like A couple of sites you can try include this one.

Tips for Selling your Car

Here are some tips to help make the process of selling your non-running car (which really applies to any car) easier and more hassle-free.

Don’t be Fooled

Most people assume that you just need to be careful not to get scammed when buying a car, but scammers also attack you when you are the one selling a car. So, I recommend due diligence when selling non-running car or brand new.

Write a Contract

Make sure you make a contract and have the buyer sign it. Include all the terms and conditions of the agreement in the contract so that you can avoid any future problems.

Final Thoughts

In general, you are more likely to be happy with the amount you make if you sell the car to a private party. Everyone else, like junkyards, are seasoned negotiators and will maximize your profits at your expense.

Finally, be sure to remove the insurance payment from your car insurance policy so that you are not paying for something that you are not using.

Now that you have a plan of action, there is no excuse to let your old vehicles clutter your property, and you will even get money from them.

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