6 Non-Invasive Ways To Relieve Back Pain

Non-Invasive Ways To Relieve Back Pain

One of the most common ailments we have globally is back pain. People who suffer from backache know how frustrating, perhaps draining, it can be.

If you have ever awakened with terrible back pain, you must know, the struggle is real.

You need to take it seriously, even if it’s a slight pain, because once it increases, you won’t be able to bear it without medications.

However, we have some ways to treat backache without visiting a doctor or start taking medications.

Would you like to know about them? Here are the 6 noninvasive tips and tricks to deal with back pain most ingeniously:

1. Sleep Better

Sleeping can be really hard when you suffer from back pain. Unable to sleep for some time can make your pain even worse.

However, we suggest you correct your sleeping position because people who don’t sleep in the right position face issues like body cramps and pain in the back.

Don’t you know how to sleep properly? Doctors suggest lying on the side with a pillow between your knees.

Doing this can keep the spine in a neutral position, and you’ll eventually relieve strain on your back.

One more thing, choose a comfortable yet firm mattress to help you get enough sleep.

Even if you sleep in the right positions, a low-quality mattress can aggravate your back pain.

2. Good Posture Is Everything

You may have heard from your grandma that slouching isn’t good. Well, she’s spot-on. It really isn’t.

One of the major causes of back pain is poor posture, especially when you have to sit in the same position for some time.

Make sure you always sit upright, with your shoulder relaxed. Other than that, your body should also be supported against the back of the chair.

People who work in the office must use a pillow or a rolled towel between the seat and the lower back. It will help them stay tight without suffering from a back injury.

Posture does include your feet as well. Your feet should be flat on the floor.

At first, it may feel awkward and challenging to correct your posture; however, doing it can prove magical to avoid back pain.

3. Acupuncture Can Do Wonders

People with back pain are recommended to try acupuncture so that the release of endorphins can be increased.

Gone are the days when you had to inject needles in your body to acupuncture your damaged area.

Now, you can use an acupuncture pen to get rid of body pain and aches. The best thing is you don’t have to suffer any pain, and the tissues will be activated.

Once the muscles and tissues are stimulated, a message will be sent to the central nervous system (CNS) to release endorphins.

You cannot only use this ingenious tactic to treat back pain but the headache, menstrual pain, myofascial pain, etc.

Unlike some medications and injections, there are no side effects of acupuncturing your skin.

4. Keep Going

Gone are the days when doctors prescribed a complete rest of a week or two to recover from back pain.

According to modern researches, lying still can make your pain even worse, so make sure you don’t do that. Lying for more than a couple of weeks can also lead to complications like weight gain, depressions, insomnia, etc.

In severe cases, don’t take a rest of more than 2-3 days. Keep going is the way forward to tackle back pain in the best possible manner.

Even if you feel the pain getting up, try to do it and walk slowly the keep your muscles moving.

One of the most ingenious ways of treating back pain is to perform exercises. But it depends on your physical condition whether you’re fit to exercise or not.

That’s why we always recommend our readers consult their physicians before making any move.

If you are physically good enough to exercise, try swimming, yoga, or a simple walk.

5. Ice & Heat Can Seal The Deal

Whether you have pain in the back or inflammation there, an application of ice can reduce both of them.

However, you need to use ice on your body several times a day to achieve your desired results. Make sure you try ice therapy for at least 20 minutes each time.

If you don’t have genuine ice packs, there’s nothing to worry about because wrapping the ice pack in a thin towel can do the job. The thing about towels is that they can protect your skin from any damage.

Just like ice therapy can help you get rid of back pain and inflammation; the same way, applying a heating pad can also help the muscles relax.

Doctors usually suggest heat therapies because they can increase the blood flow to the affected area.

People who don’t comfortable with heat pads can get creative and try warm baths to help themselves relax.

Warning: Never sleep on the heating pads; otherwise, there may be tissue damage or body burns.

6. Physical Therapy Is Helpful

There is no way you can underestimate the usefulness of physical therapy.

Going to a physical therapist can help you understand how to correct your posture and keep your spine in proper alignment.

People who have back pain should try their best to alleviate strain on their backs to lessen the pain.

A physical therapist can also teach you plenty of exercises and workouts to strengthen your muscles and support your back.

On top of it, you can perform those exercises and workouts at your place to increase your flexibility and endurance.

Over To You

Back pain can be extremely hard to take care of if not treated timely. Once it gets out of control, a person has to go for invasive treatments.

However, the aforementioned strategies can help you get rid of chronic back pain sooner rather than later.

So, which one of the ideas stood out for you? What would you like to execute at first? We’d love to know!

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