7 Vital Truck Preventive Maintenance Tasks You Should Never Skip

7 Vital Truck Preventive Maintenance Tasks You Should Never Skip

Prevention is better than cure!!

Prevention Maintenance is the best way to maintain the longevity of the trucks and secure them from unnecessary breakdowns. Evidently, this topic is not about fixing the issues but preventing them from occurring in the first place and securing the substantial cost by implementing these solutions.

Below are seven vital truck preventive maintenance tasks that can never be missed to ensure the top-notch condition for its efficiency, safety, and security.

Advantages of Regular Truck Preventive Maintenance

There are numerous advantages of truck preventive maintenance, including securing the lifespan of the engine and its overall performance. 

Below are the numerous advantages mentioned of regular truck maintenance 

Check the Fluid Levels & Filters

Fluid Level: Checking the fluid level helps you find leaks and potential malfunctions. Engine fluids, for instance, brake fluid and windscreen washer fluids, need timely checkups for improved performance.

Filters: For grievance-free performance, filters must be cleaned and checked frequently. It helps boost the engine performance and longevity by reducing the friction and wear in the moving parts.

Brake Inspection for Smooth Driving

For smooth driving, it is mandatory to check the brakes in a timely manner. Regular checking for the brakes, including pads, rotor, and brake fluid, maintain constant compressed air flow. This continuous practice leads to a smooth and secure driving experience.

Check for the Tire-Air Pressure

Checking tire air pressure is necessary to save your ride from a dangerous driving experience. Good tires can lead to smooth, secure driving and save 30% of gas mileage. If you are a heavy driver and ride trucks on uncertain surfaces, then it is highly recommended that you verify the truck’s air pressure to avoid unnecessary wear and tear.

Battery Maintenance

To prolong the truck’s life, protect the battery from corrosion. Keeping the battery safe can also protect your vehicle from breakdowns and grievances. Testing its charging capacity or replacing the old one with a new one can save the truck from severe damage.

Keep Inspection on GearBox & Clutch

High-load engines can badly affect the gearbox. It works hard when the tire comes in contact with the road. Therefore, it becomes necessary to inspect it and verify its functionality properly so that the lying problem can be caught easily.

Air Filter Replacement

It is essential to change the air filter as the requirement occurs, as it ensures that the engine receives clean air. These precautions enhance the lifespan of the engine and improve fuel efficiency in many ways.

Timely Inspecting Belt and Houses

Try to regularly inspect or replace the damaged belt and houses as these can create a big mess while driving. They ensure the proper working of the cooling and electrical systems to improve the vehicle’s durability.

Cost Effectiveness by Truck Preventive Maintenance

Truck preventive maintenance has always been the cost-effective option to avoid substantial financial problems. It maintains the lifespan of the equipment, like machinery and vehicles, and saves costs by reducing breakdowns, cost-repairs, and downtime. 

Below are the two ways to provide a proven track record for truck cost-effectiveness

Prevent the Big Damage

If you find any early faults or servicing requirements, you must visit the Truck Repair Shop nearby to resolve the underlying problems.

  • Low Parts Replacement Cost: Preventive maintenance reduces parts costs by highlighting significant concerns in the earlier stages. Thus, there is no need to replace the big part when it could be resolved with the little one.
  • Routine Maintenance task: Taking your truck for the routine test prevents paying you high cost in the future because while doing the routine maintenance, the specialists could rectify problems efficiently. 
  • Enhanced the lifespan: While taking all these measures the truck’s durability could be expanded without hampering its work efficiency. 

Cost-Effective Safety Measures

These measures are undertaken to avoid the trucks’ frequent failures, safeguard their quality at the first stage, and if any issue persists, skilled technicians can remove it. 

  • Use Good Quality Oils: This may cost you more than standard engine oil, but believe me. Filling the tank with good-quality oil improves the vehicle’s efficiency and makes it smoother while driving. 
  • Allow Skilled Technicians for Repairs: Once you are there for the truck PM service, ensure the certified technicians perform the repair tasks. They can check each malfunctioning securely without hindering the quality of the vehicles.
  • Keep the Record: It is pivotal to keep records of each repair or upcoming repair task. This will boosts the truck’s health in the long run and foster future planning and maintenance. 

Cost Analysis Example

Without the Truck’s Preventive Maintenance

Unexpected Break-Down Cost: $6,0000 to $7,000 

Trucks Tire Replacements: $200

With the Truck’s Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance Cost: $1,000

Reduction in Breakdown: 85%


To conclude, preventive maintenance for trucks results in substantial cost savings by reducing downtime, low repair costs, and fuel efficiency.  This approach can avoid significant issues and help businesses run smoothly.

Above the data mentioned, how much would it cost without the truck Preventive Maintenance? How costly is it going to be? On the contrary, data about trucks with Preventive Maintenance is mentioned. It represents how efficiently they could be maintained if the above pointers were kept in mind while dealing in the truck and vehicle domain.

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