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9 Tips And Tricks For A Successful Condo Kitchen Reno Project

Condo Kitchen Reno Project

Different reasons can tempt you to renovate your kitchen condo. Perhaps you’ve lived in your condo for a long time and feel it’s time to add new modern fixtures such as appliances, need more plumbing or electrical work, consider cooking more or upgrade worn-out finishes. Remember, your kitchen is usually central in your condo because you prepare delicious meals. But you’d like to add more functionality to it, so it becomes more of a cooking place and a seating area.

For this reason, you need the nine tips and tricks below to you conduct a successful condo kitchen renovation:

1. Find The Right Professionals For The Job

You can get down to work and conduct a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) for your kitchen renovations, but it’d be helpful to work with professionals. Such experts can take down the whole kitchen and replace them with the ideal kitchen you’re opting for within a stipulated time frame to enable you to have your kitchen back. The best part is that they specialize in condos, so they understand how renovation works. So, visit this website to communicate with professionals who can renovate your kitchen to a high-quality modern standard.

Such professionals take their time and follow your lead regarding such details. They then create creative plans to make your kitchen cozy, refined, and one-of-a-kind. For your billing, you’ll have to spend a particular figure catering to your materials, labor, and design.

Eventually, your kitchen will change from simply a meal preparation area to a place where everyone in the family can sit down and enjoy spending quality time with one another.

Successful Condo Kitchen Reno Project

2. Select Advanced Appliances

Select the appliances you’d like installed in your kitchen condo early to avoid causing delays. You may only go to a specific shop to get the design you want to sell out. Thus, as you’re contemplating your renovations, speak to the contractor to explain the kitchen appliances you’d like to have. Whether the countertop is made from materials like quartz or a faucet created from copper for an elegant look. You can also look into modern double ovens, fridges, and four-burner gas ranges to improve your kitchen’s functionality.

In addition, select stainless appliances to increase longevity, hygiene, and pliant strength. Thus, you can for the ones made from steel, iron, and wood burners. They can also withstand extreme temperatures. You must ensure you update at least the crucial parts of your kitchen with new appliances.

3. Pick New Faucets And Sinks

You can add a modern faucet and sink in the kitchen. The faucets typically come in different sizes, styles, and finishes meaning you quickly find the one you like. It’d help if you also looked into the size of your sink and the color you’ve chosen to ensure it at least complement the sinks. Such careful selection enables you to have a cohesive look. You can use a material such as brass, which brings a warm tone.

4. Pick An Elegant Design

The whole reason for renovations is to have a new kitchen outlook, hence the need to pay keen attention to design. So, work with reliable designers who have been creating 2D or 3D formats for several years so they can help you pick the one that will work well with your kitchen’s appearance. You could even opt for an ideal appearance, such as an L-shaped condo kitchen, which can work for any condo, even if yours is of a smaller or bigger size.

It joins two countertops on one end if you want to maximize the use of a corner space. You could also include a kitchen island, which adds more room to make meals and places you can store foods and use as a social place. With such a design, you’ll have to bring down walls and change your floor design.

5. Utilize Bold Cabinet Designs And On Counter Storage

Cabinets are essential to the kitchen; in this case, you can’t miss replacing them during renovations. You can utilize wood to make your tiny kitchen appear larger. You could also try new features such as glassed doors. You could even have a piece of art integrated to enhance beauty. Glass doors can also enable you to emphasize your kitchen selections.

You could also install on-counter storage for the things you always use. You’ll quickly find them without opening every cabinet to check for them. So, speak to your contractor about creating an opening in the appliance cabinet to keep the cords hidden. It’ll help keep the kitchen clean.

6. Consider The Flooring

The whole renovation is only complete with the floors’ new look. You could go for tile with colors fit for the kitchen, either white, yellow, or dark colors.

7. Turn Up Lighting

It’s essential to have adequate lighting in your kitchen, but you don’t want it to look out of place. When the lighting is excellent, the textures and the colors stand out. Ensure a ceiling light, lights under the cabinets, recessed lighting on work surfaces, and direct light on stoves and walls.

8. Know Condo Regulations

Lastly, before you commence your renovations, you need to comprehend the policies of the condo you’re in before you do any upgrades. You need to specify how long the renovations will take place that is the time because there are also others living within the exact condo you are on.

You also need to specify the elevator to be used to avoid inconveniencing those living in the same building as you and at what time you’ll use it. Continually educate yourself on the rules and obtain permits before you do anything to the kitchen.


A kitchen is an essential place in your condo. Therefore, even as you’re planning renovations, you carefully select every detail going into the upgrades to ensure you end up with modern fixtures. Make a point of speaking to professional designers to do the job for you efficiently.

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