Factors to Consider When Major Damage to Trees Occurs

Major Damage to Trees Occurs

A storm can do major damage to trees in any area, whether rural or urban. The main stem may be broken or damaged, the foliage may be torn or torn, or the bark may be torn or hollow. But what may seem at first glance is that fatal injuries are not necessarily fatal to the tree.

Trees have an incredible ability to recover from storm damage. However, natural healing takes time. Therefore, it is better to take some steps to help your trees recover within a few weeks. Here are some factors to consider during major damage to trees.

Wound healing

After pruning is complete, any wound larger than 2 to 12 inches in diameter can be covered with a bandage or pruning paint. Recent research has shown that dressings and paints are unlikely to increase the rate of healing.

However, they can prevent dryness and provide a cosmetic effect. Many commercial materials are available, or a few layers of orange peel are sufficient to heal the wounds. You can also treat the areas of torn bark in this way. If the wounds are beyond repair than the best would be to contact Riverside tree care and removal and ask them for their opinion.

Uprooted trees

Trees are prone to uprooting after severe storms. If the tree is large, it cannot be saved and must therefore be removed. For some small trees, it may be possible to straighten the tree and secure it with man’s ropes or cables.

Uprooted trees

Usually, some type of elevator or electrical equipment is needed to pull the tree vertically. Do not attempt this process until 1/3 to 1/2 of the roots are still in the soil, and the remaining exposed roots are relatively compressed.


If there are broken or torn branches, they need pruning. Also, remove any dead or diseased branches from the treetops. Postpone other pruning such as canopy heaving for a few years. There is no conclusive research to support this practice, and crown thinning can be stressful for your trees.

Wait and watch

If a tree seems to you like a 50-50 case, you should not simply cut the tree down and remove it. Maybe it would be better to stop for a moment and think about it. Remember, time is on your side.

Trees require sufficient time to recover after successful pruning of branches. So, give your tree enough time to recover, and you can decide later, whether to remove it or not.

A mature tree can survive the loss of a major branch.  usually avoid the loss of the main branch that can regrow from the stem within a few months.

Say goodbye

If the tree is already weakened, the trunk is broken, or the crown is more than 50 percent damaged, the tree has lost its survival advantage. Do not try to do everything yourself: some of your trees may be very badly damaged or have hidden damage.

If this is the case, you will need a tree professional to help you make a decision. Do not place anyone who appears at your door after the storm. Find a qualified arborist in the phone book or by contacting a forestry engineer in your state or city. Madera emergency tree removal company is ready to respond within minutes after your call.

Henshaws Tree Service offers a wide range of tree services in Blacktown, Australia. In case of any storm or emergency work related to trees in Blacktown, you can contact them for help. In addition, they offer services like tree pruning, dead wooding, hedging, tree removal, stump grinding, and land clearing in Blacktown.

Final Words 

These were some factors to consider after major damage done to trees. Trees usually suffer major damage during winds and storms. It is best to hire a professional tree service to visit your location and perform the necessary actions to heal the trees. Following the factors

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