13 Common Tips for Finding a Job

Finding a Job

Companies and employment platforms post thousands of jobs daily, expecting to get the right candidate. Even with such large volumes of jobs, many job seekers still ask the hard question – why they aren’t getting hired. Employers seek unique talents and skills to help them rise above the competition.

If you can learn how to present yourself as the right candidate, you might get a long list of job offers until you get confused about which one you should pick.

The secret is to know the tips you should use when hunting for a job. Your skills, experience, education, and the way you present yourself matter. The following job hunting tips will help.

  • Be certain of what you want

Many job seekers make a mistake and seek any job that comes their way. This is a good idea because you leave a wider door open, but its cons outweigh the pros.

Employers might feel you are not sure about what you want and probably you will quickly move on if another offer comes your way. Sit down and decide the exact job that you want and be specific in your applications. Employers will likely take your application seriously and invite you for interviews or even employ you.

  • Use job platforms

Not all employers post job openings on job sites but still, a bigger majority do. It’s, however, tricky when applying for a job through such platforms because you could be competing against thousands of other applicants.

As a result, you limit your chances of getting hired. Regardless of this factor, you can create an enticing resume to help you stand out from the crowd to increase your chances of getting hired.

  • Signup on social media platforms

In the hiring process, employers use social media for two main purposes. They post advertisements for job openings or to target specific applicants. They use social media to get background information about an applicant.

If you have not signed up on the main social media platforms, you could be losing great chances of getting hired. Be sure you update your account with your latest skills, experience, and education. Connect with companies you want to apply to help you get deeper information about them.

  • Don’t just apply, engage too

To submit your application is not enough if you want to succeed and get hired. There are many other applicants like you in the same company and the employer can pick anyone they want.

Try to engage with the management of that company, indirectly interview a few of them, and, if possible, talk to an internal recruiter. Do not hide behind your applications and resume, but come out and let yourself be known by your potential employer.

  • Keep updating your resume

Many job seekers prepare their resumes the day they start their job search. Unfortunately, the resume stays without being updated for the next months or even years. If you are still using an old resume, it could be the reason you are not getting hired.

Anytime you add a job experience, skill, or education, be sure to update your CV to match your current skills and experience. Always follow the best tips from Careersbooster resume service and work out your CV in the best possible way.

  • Create networks

Some companies only hire people they are recommended to hire by their managers or business associates. Create a network of friends and let them know you are searching for a job.

Most friends will recommend you immediately they hear there is an opening in their company or another place. Talk to your extended family members, especially those that are already employed or own businesses. They can be very helpful when you are seeking employment.

  • Brand yourself

In the employment field, some companies do not advertise for job openings. Instead, they go to great lengths to seek and handpick a candidate. Mostly, they look for candidates that have branded themselves as potential employment candidates and positioned themselves rightly.

Prepare your skill and use them for branding yourself. Often, post content that goes in line with your training or experience.

  • Don’t geographically limit yourself  

There might be limited job openings in your state or country but that doesn’t mean you should give up. There could be a demand for workers in another country or state. Be open and apply for jobs beyond your geographic region. It might be your chance to get a permanent job that is paying five or six figures.

  • Serve diligently in your current position

If you are employed, your current employer can make or break your future employment opportunities, depending on how you treat them. Even if you are not getting the right pay, work with all your heart for the sake of your future career. You might require a recommendation from your current employer and if your service is poor, you might lose an important career as a result.

  • Improve your skills

Apart from education, employers want to hire people with various unique skills that can help improve productivity. They want workers with excellent communication skills, leadership, and high adaptability skills.

They want workers that understand the latest technology trends and with other skills like programming and app development. Beyond your degree, add other skills that will give you an added advantage during the recruitment process.

  • Visit company websites

Do not purely depend on job platforms but create a habit to visit most company websites. Although many businesses post job openings on such websites, many still use their websites.

They post for jobs openings in their career portals. Make a habit of visiting these portals and if you find a job that matches your interests and qualifications, take action and send an application.

  • Apply internally

There are chances for career growth for every worker in a company. Sometimes they don’t advertise. Instead, they promote their workers to fill the positions. Some other companies just advertise the positions and encourage their workers to apply.

If there is such an opening, do not lag from applying because you might earn yourself a promotion instead of the challenges of applying to another company.

  • Learning the interview tricks

No company can ever hire without interviewing applicants. Some companies interview through tests, while others do on-site one on one interviews. There are interview tricks that are important, like the way you dress and voice tone. Study to learn the tricks and use them during interviews to help you get hired.


Finding a job, whether the market is hot or not, should never be treated as a spare task. Pursue it seriously, follow the best practices and you will surely find the job that you have always wanted.

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