The Queen of Flow Season 2: Release Date, Characters, Plot, and More

The Queen of Flow Season 2

The Queen of Flow or La Reina del Flow is an inspiring musical telenovela produced by Sony Pictures Television that follows a reggaeton genre. 

The drama is set to make music especially the urban genre to be spread and known as the Columbian’s salvation of preferring art and music over violence. Although it showed drug deals and violence, it conforms to the claim of having music as an escape with Yeimy Montoya’s character who still continues to aspire for her dreams in music despite the misfortunes she had gone through. 

This drama made it possible with its 82-episode season 1 to return for Season 2 with a new twisted plot that you will soon find out more below.

The Plot

Before the most awaited Season 2 of The Queen of Flow, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the prequel of the telenovela. 

The serye revolves around a 17-year old teenager named Yeimy Montoya that carries an innate gift for writing reggaeton music and rhythms. Being a novice songwriter, she would write songs of love for the man she loved named Charly in her treasured notebook. 

A love triangle soon manifests when Juan “Juancho” Camilo developed feelings for Yeimy and together with Charly, they formed their reggaeton group called the Soul and Bass.

Sooner it shows that Charly is more jealous of Yeimy’s capabilities in writing rhythmic flows so easily. Her talent became the reason towards the misfortunes she is about to face. 


Dúver ‘Manín’ Cruz, Charly’s uncle is a powerful narco-trafficker who later on killed Yeimy’s parents inside their bakery for not paying protection fees to him. Investigation ended quickly and there was nothing Yeimy can do to continue the murder case of her parents and moved on with her life together with her grandmother.

Soul and Bass soon gained recognition from the public starting from a local radio station to securing a meeting with music producers in New York City.

However, the main problem started to commence when Manin orders Charly and his men to rob a health clinic. Yeimy witnessed the attack and knew that the man who shot the security guard was Charly who had his Soul & Bass tattoo seen clearly.

Yeimy confronted Charly about the incident and he soon grew afraid of her telling on him. He was desperate to stop further action and told his uncle Manin to get rid of her but not through killing. 

They resorted to framing Yeimy as a drug mule. Charly carried out his plan by seducing Yeimy a day before they flew to New York. He placed her things in a jam packed drug suitcase and shared the bed. As soon as Yeimy sleeps, Charly steals her notebook and puts it inside his suitcase.

In distraught, Yeimy got arrested for being a drug mule upon their way to New York. She is to spend 25 years in prison while Charly took credit for all her work written in the notebook and produced her music as his own. 

As Charly crawled and reached his success, Yeimy suffered greatly in prison but it became her avenue for strength together with her son named Mateo who she left in care of her grandmother. Yet, another tragedy soon befall their family when Manin hears news that Mateo is the son of Charly. Manin then ordered his underlings to have Yeimy’s grandmother and son killed by setting fire to the building where they were staying.

This became the source of her rage and started planning her all out revenge on the people who made her life and the people she loves miserable. Soon in the Season Finale, we can expect to have Yeimy Montoya claim what is rightfully hers and become the queen of reggaeton.

Movie Casts

Like any other movie series, The Queen of the Flow’s main cast will remain the same in season 2. This includes the ambitious, reggaeton songwriter who was accused of a crime she did not commit yet paid for it in prison, Yeimy Montoya or Tammy Andrade when she went undercover beautifully played by Carolina Ramirez. 

Carlos Torres who plays the role of Charly Cruz, the fraud artist star of reggaeton mainly because of Yeimy’s works and soon later met his fall facing Yeimy’s plans.  

Juancho Mesa, the romantic and a loyal admirer of Yeimy who is willing to do anything for the love of his life, was played by Andres Sandoval.

Season 2 may welcome new casts as they unravel more episodes of the exciting, most-watched telenovela in Columbia.

Season 2 Release Date

The Queen of  Flow Season 1 premiered in November, 2018 on Netflix with an overwhelming 82 episodes in total. The premiere of the telenovela immediately occupied the number one position being the most watched program in Colombia.

Season 2 has been confirmed by Caracol Television and its fans have been looking forward to what the next season is about to give. However, Netflix is yet to announce season 2 of The Queen of Flow leaving the viewers of the telenovela in the unknown. 

Keep updated and we will post information here as we learn more about the release of the most anticipated Columbian series, The Queen of Flow season 2 in Netflix this 2020.

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