16 Smart Hacks to Boost Memory Before Exams

Boost Memory Before Exams

Exams are just around the corner. And students are trying their best to ace good marks in them. There is no doubt about the fact that exams are stressful. In this competitive world, exams have one of the many ways to prove one’s intelligence or to take the next step.

With online learning and online assessments, exams are nothing less than a nightmare for most of the kids. All the kids usually have their own way of preparing for exams. Despite this fact, one needs to train his or her mind to be exam ready.

So, we have prepared a list that students should follow religiously in order to avoid stressful situations. Let’s get started:

Release the stress:

It is really important to release your stress before the exam so that one can give the exam freely. Anxiety and stress can destroy mental peace. It also hampers the memory power of a student.

The best way to release stress is by doing some sort of exercise. It also helps in activating the mind. Walking before the exam, listening to calm music, concentrating on what all one has prepared for the exams are some of the ways to destress oneself. Schools in Faridabad are trying to destress their students by conducting various online competitions.

Motivate yourself:

We as humans love gifts. Rewarding is one of the many things that makes people extremely happy. So, figure out ways in which you can reward yourself. It can after completing a topic or solving model test papers. This will motivate you to do better next time. Rewards can be anything like a movie, chocolates, coffee, or a good quick nap.

Draw Diagrams:

One of the easiest ways to learn and remember complicated topics is by drawing them. It will be easy to revise topics before the exam and also to visualize. Even labeling diagrams is one of the most common questions asked in exams. Learning through drawing diagrams will surely help it.

Take regular breaks:

It is advised to take regular breaks while studying. This helps to give a break to the mind so that it can function more accurately the next time. It also helps to boost the memory power of the mind and rewind what is already stored in it. According to a study, a human brain can not concentrate on a topic for more than 50 to 60 minutes. Having regular breaks while studying helps the brain to keep focused and concentrated.

Choose a decent reading spot:

It is really important to choose a comfortable spot. Changing places can help in building good memory power. Posture also matters while reading and learning. So, having a study table and using it is a good option.

Choose a decent reading spot

Practice is thezkey:

Practice can help a person grow and learn all the complicated things. There is no easy way or shortcut when it comes to preparing for exams. SO, one should solve as many mock test papers as possible to have a good understanding of all the questions. Solving old year question papers is also a good way of evaluating oneself.

Sleep timely before the exam:

It is seen over time that students who are awake the night before the exam couldn’t properly focus on their exam because their brain and body is so tired. So, make sure you have enough sleep before the exam. Sound sleep helps to remember all the learned stuff in proper order.

New Study Strategies:

Develop, innovate, and implement new learning strategies. It is very important to discover new ways of learning. This way you will know which is the best way that suits you for better understanding. You can look online at different ways to study. The most interesting ways to understand a concept. The best schools in Faridabad are trying to teach the concept of new study strategies through online webinars and workshops.

Group study:

Group Study is an effective way to learn and cover dynamic topics. Group study gives insight on important topics that one might have missed while preparing for the exam. Since there are so many people all the doubts get clarified and also every topic gets covered. You get a pool of ideas and strategies that might help you in the final exam.

Improve concentration:

Improving concentration is really important as it also helps to release stress before an exam. Also, meditation is a good way to improve learning speed. There are so many apps available for meditations.

Highlight and makes notes:

It is impossible to remember all the points given. So, make sure to have a highlighter to mark important points and make notes of it. Notes come very handily in revising the topics one day before the exams. Writing and learning is an old school practice but surely an effective one. It will also save time for further revision.

Study in a quiet place:

Give yourself a nice, calm place to study. The noisy ambiance is not only irritating and troublesome but also gives you a great degree of discomfort. Keep away and stay far from all the forms of distractions. It can be a mobile phone, laptops, or anything. Try to concentrate on what you are doing at the moment. Don’t panic about what you can’t do. Try to focus on what you can.

Innovate your learning and understanding :

In this digital era that we are living in, there are so many options available to study which can give you a good understanding. We shouldn’t stick to only one of the methods. Instead, we should embrace some of them.  Top 10 Schools in Faridabad have given various sources to do it. Such as e-notes, video lectures, online assignments, and much more.

FlashCards always help:

Try making flashcards of important definitions, solutions, formulas, concepts, etc. They are easy to handle and give you a good read. It also helps to visualize important topics and concepts.

Watch to learn it in-Depth:

Watching documentaries around the topic is one of the best ways to understand a topic in great length. It also helps to stabilize our entertainment diet and provides a good understanding.

Don’t Multitask:

Try to do one thing at a time for the best result. Usually, people prefer to listen to music while reading or making notes. Many of us don’t even realize this background noise exhausts us quickly.

These are some hacks and tips which can help us to stay positive and healthy during the exam time. We wish you all the very best for the exams. We hope these tips will be a high use to you!

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