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4 Unique Ways Blinds Can Complement Your Home


Windows are there to lighten up the interiors of your home, while enhancing the look and feel of your furnishings at the same time. It doesn’t stop there, because windows need blinds! Blinds can be an important design element to promote a cosy feel for your living environment.

Whether you’re thinking of using indoor or outdoor blinds, there are certain things you could do to achieve a certain design objective. At the end of the day, you’ll be most comfortable at home if it makes you feel just that way – comfortable and satisfied!

With that in mind, you could install your blinds so that it best complements your furniture, walls and other design components. That way, your living space will be practical and it will provide much aesthetic value. Read on as we explore some ideas of how blinds can achieve this.

Matching Patterns

To tie your interior together, you can choose to have matching patterns between, for example, your couches and carpets and roller or Roman blinds. These blinds are ideal for this purpose! If your lounge suite has a floral theme, your blinds too can have a similar floral design.

Alternatively, you could also implement a design that will merely complement your furnishings. For example, if your couches, cushions, chairs and carpets are in shades of green – mainly earthy colours – then your blinds can have tree-like or flower-like patterns to support the look.

You can be creative while following a certain theme. For example, hang up picture frames and paintings or place some ornaments around the room that will also complement the designs on the blinds.

Colour Codes

Much like matching patterns, you can create cohesion by matching colours between your blinds and interior elements. If you want your room to have a warm feel, then you should opt for shades of beige, red, orange or yellow. The same approach goes for a cool feel, where you’d choose from shades of blue, purple or green.

You can even match the colours according to a central colour, for example, matching green blinds with green couches or counter-tops, in the case of a kitchen.

If you don’t want to use a specific colour, you can choose from a range of colours that give a similar feel. For example, light or dark shades. Here you can pick white to match shades of light green, blue or yellow. The same concept can be applied to black and darker shades.

Focus On Linear Patterns

Using lines is an important design element, and blinds can be used well to correlate with it. If your couches, cushions and carpets, for example, consist of horizontally-lined patterns, then your blinds could also create horizontal lines, thanks to the design or type you pick.

Similarly, if your interior elements have vertical lines, then you could install roller blinds that have matching vertical lines.

While the direction of the lines is important, you could delve deeper and also consider the thickness of these lines. The breadth and thickness of your blinds, for example, could be a similar thickness of the lines that are used on your other components.

Even with regards to your decor – such as picture frames or ornaments – you can create a linear appeal. A picture showing a horizon, for example, can tie in well with blinds’ horizontal lines. Ornaments or pictures displaying tall trees or structures, can fit in well with vertical lines. There are no ends to being creative this way!

Blinds that Complement the Outdoors

If you have an outside patio or entertainment area, you can have outdoor blinds that help cover the space and complement it. Blinds for an outdoor space can create unity between this outside area and your house, so design plays an important role.

Because this area is essentially separate from your interior, creating cohesion is necessary. If your house is white, for example, then you can have light-coloured double roller blinds.

No matter what your outside area looks like, you can be creative when choosing a theme and ways to tie in blinds with the space. For example, if you have a beautiful garden, use green fabric or go for grey if you prefer a more modern look.

In Summary

Your windows bring in natural light, which has many health benefits but don’t underestimate the aesthetic and practical value windows and their coverings carry.

You should think of ways that your blinds not only suit your windows – with respect to their various sizes and shapes – and its outside views, but also your furnishings. Your home should be your place of comfort, so look for as many ways as possible to create peace and harmony in every room.

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