5-Minute Team Building Activities for Work


Team building activities help energize meetings and improve cohesion in teams. Five-minute games enhance teamwork by letting people briefly spend time together naturally. These exercises can help the team better solve problems, set goals, clarify roles, and form effective working relationships. Here are some five-minute team building activities that your employees will love:

Team Trivia

Team trivia can help teammates learn more about each other. Preparation for this activity involves collecting fun facts about your workmates and creating questions with them. The team trivia can be a stand-alone question you can ask during your team building meeting. If you have weekly team meetings, you can break the activity into smaller parts and do one question at a time.

If you want your colleagues to know each other well, you can ask a single question about a different team member every week. Give the person time to share interesting facts or an incredible story about themselves.

Employee Sharing Day

The sharing activity helps teach collaboration. Sharing is a great way to build a sense of community and promote empathy within the team. Employees can do the activity in the morning, after work, or during a break.

You can ask the participants to bring items to make the activity fun. Members can put things in one central place such as a staff canteen. Each member can choose at least one item to enjoy from the ones brought. You can consider healthy treats, documentaries, home appliances, and books as inspiration for the sharing activity.

Lightening Scavenger Hunt

This game is an onboarding activity for new recruits to test their knowledge after touring the office. The game can also be done online for teams that work remotely.

Gather the group in one central location in the office. When every participant is ready, announce what item they should retrieve. You can ask them to bring an item with something blue or with a specific letter like ‘R.’ After you’re done talking, each player should rush to find the item that matches your description in the office. The first person to bring the item will be the winner.

Icebreaker Questions

Icebreakers are great for virtual team building activities for remote teams. They are quick activities ideal for a group that has infrequent meetings. The activities are great at the start of meetings to help participants feel comfortable with each other.

The attendees will identify a leader who will ask open-ended, simple questions to the members. Participants will start chatting freely when responding to the questions. Icebreaker questions help to promote conversations and interactions among team members. They can include questions such as their favorite foods or what the members did in high school.

Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever is a classic game that has been played for many years. The game is often forgotten when engaging in team-building exercises. Never Have I Ever is a quick game that can help your team understand the different types of outlandish characters they interact with. The game is enjoyable because it usually has plenty of follow-up questions.

You can create a Never Have I Ever wheel for participants to spin and choose a random statement. When the leader spins the wheel, all participants who have never engaged in what the message says should raise their hands. The rest of the participants can ask those who have raised their hands for details of what they have done.

Team Stretching

Employees spend a lot of time sitting, which can hinder their ability to be engaged, productive, and efficient. If your office has enough space, you can do a five-minute yoga session. But if the room is too small, consider doing simple standing stretches during the day. The activity may seem uncomfortable at first. But when you do it as a team, everyone will feel more at ease and relaxed around each other. Make this a morning routine if the stretching session energizes and rejuvenates every team member.

Look for a Company That Provides Team Building Activities for Work

Find a Corporate Team Building Company with a good reputation for providing team building activities for low-level corporate employees. They should create activities that will appeal to their team demographics. The content should be appropriate and engaging to challenge your team to think outside the box. Choose a company that has been providing team building exercises for many years. They will have incorporated every client’s feedback to provide a seamless experience for participants.

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