5 Reasons Everyone Needs a Bug-Out Bag

Needs a Bug-Out Bag

In today’s times, it can feel as though there is always an impending disaster looming around the corner. Whether it’s a natural disaster like a hurricane or an economic crisis, there’s a very real possibility of being displaced from our homes.

While there isn’t much we can do to control or predict these events, we can be prepared for them. That’s why bug-out bags are growing increasingly popular worldwide.

Here are five reasons you should have one, too.

1. They Help You Learn What’s Essential

Your Bug out bag checklist should only list the most essential items for survival on the road. You can apply this list of essentials to other aspects of your life, like when packing for a weekend camping trip or vacation.

When you know what is essential and what isn’t, you gain a better understanding of what you should prioritize and what you should leave behind. This will help you utilize your bug-out bag to maximum effect. Whether you need to be prepared for medical emergencies while on the road or you live in a hurricane zone, bug-out bags are valuable and even life-saving.

2. They Help You Prepare for Displacement

A bug-out bag’s best feature is that it’s designed for ‘grab and go.’ Your bug-out bag will be filled with all your most essential survival items – you won’t need anything else, and your supplies should last a while.

To prepare for displacement in the event of a disaster, you should pack items like emergency contact lists, important ID documentation, dried foods, and other survival gear. A bug-out bag can help you survive no matter what disaster you encounter.

3. They Give You Extra Time to Get to Safety

If there’s a sudden evacuation order, every single second counts.

So, whether you need to leave the city, escape a storm, or travel quickly to a place of safety, having a bug-out bag packed and ready to go can save you precious time in an emergency.

4. They Can be Useful if You’re Forced to Stay at Home

Having access to extra survival supplies is always a good idea. Although bug-out bags are more commonly used when people need to flee or evacuate their homes, they are also helpful if you need to shelter in place.

Suppose, for whatever reason, you cannot leave your home to get supplies – like when the Covid-19 pandemic hit and people were advised to stay at home as much as possible. In that case, a bug-out bag could have been an extremely valuable source of additional emergency supplies.

5. They are an Inexpensive Investment

You don’t need an expensive bag for it to be effective. In fact, a relatively comprehensive bug-out bag can be put together for very little money.

By using the things you already have in your house – like that extra large rucksack and some ziplock bags – you can make inexpensive, small individual bug-out bags for every family member and pack up one large bag for the family’s supplies. This way, you’ll always be prepared if there is an emergency.

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