5 Styles To Try Out This Summer

Try Out This Summer

With summer approaching, you want to feel dressed to impress! There are so many summer trends to try, and you don’t know where to begin. Plus, you want to look fashionable but don’t want to endure intense heat just to stay fashion-forward. Don’t worry.

We’ve got you covered and will address all these concerns! Here are five styles to try out this summer so that you can start creating your outfits and unique looks with these summer essentials! Let’s get started!

1.   Stay Cool In The Evening With Breathable Fabrics

When it’s summertime and you’re headed to bed, you want to find the clothes that will keep you cool and comfortable despite the summer heat! Look into breathable fabrics like organic cotton and linen to find options that will work for you. You can also consider sleepwear options that mix fashion with comfort all at once! You might try pajama shorts, and tops that are best suited for the summer. Look for loose, lightweight fabrics to maximize comfort and keep your body temperature comfortable as you sleep.

2.   Incorporate Denim Vintage Shorts 

Denim vintage shorts are trending like crazy. Whether you like booty or Bermuda shorts, you can find all kinds of denim cuts. Head to your thrift store to find the coolest options, or create your shorts from old jeans. Have fun with a fashion-forward DIY project and create your own denim cut-offs! If cotton shorts are more your style, get a collection of these and pair them with your favorite tee-shirts and tank tops to wear all summer long.

3.   Mid-length Summer Dresses 

To look stylish and feel cool during the summer:

  1. Look no further than lightweight summer dresses.
  2. Rock out with bohemian vibes, and pair your summer dress with floppy sun hats to embrace the sunny season.
  3. Look for gladiator-style sandals or flip-flops to wear with your dress.
  4. For footwear, improve your shoe game by choosing metallic sandals to stay on-point with trends and match your dress, whatever color it may be.

With these critical options, you’ll be rocking in style without breaking a sweat!

4.   Always Have Tee-shirts And Tank Tops

The must-haves for summer tops are your t-shirts and tank tops. Pair these guys together, or wear them on their own, with your favorite pair of shorts or summer capris. Get a mix of natural and colorful options so you can integrate them with any outfit you put together.

If you need workout shirts, look for nylon fabrics to keep your shirt sweat-resistant! T-shirts and tank tops go great with shorts, skirts, jeans, or any other bottoms you plan to wear this summer. Keep your outfits versatile so you can get great use out of every clothing piece you buy!

5.   Pastel Grunge Combinations

Today’s grunge looks are integrated into summer-ready pastels like pinks and purples. Create goth-inspired fashion looks with leather shorts and pastel-colored tops. You can also find black leggings or cotton shorts if that is more your speed!

See if you can play up with your accessories to stay on-point with grunge fashion. Look for cuff bracelets and chain belts to get you started! You can find tons of fashion inspiration from Billie Eilish, Avril Lavigne, and others currently in the spotlight! Stay fashionable with grunge classics and modern twists!

The Bottom Line

Try out new styles this summer with the suggestions above. Go bold and sport new looks you’ve never even thought of! Summer fashion is about combining style with functionality, so take our picks seriously to maximize your comfort and fashion sense all summer long!

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