5 Tips to Keep Your Rug Clean Over Summer

Keep Your Rug Clean Over Summer

The summer season means higher temperatures and warm days. The season is best for a family gathering with kids staying at home during their vacation. The continuous parties and use of air conditioners, take a toll on your valuable rugs.

Summer seasons may be filled with family gatherings and fun, however, the increased traffic and dirt seem damaging to your rugs. You don’t want to go missing to clean your rug while your loved ones are enjoying themselves together.

Here the experts of rug washing Melbourne spills the 5 most amazing tips for keeping your rugs clean during summers. Before we go through the tips, let’s understand why summers are harsh for your expensive rugs.

What Are the Most Common Rug Problems During Summer?

The hot and humid season doesn’t just make you sweat all day long but also invites troubles for your rugs. Let’s discover the common problems that occur to rugs during the summer season.

  • Stains

Although stains can occur any time of the year, however the frequency of accidents increases during summers. How is that possible? During summers your kids enjoy their vacation and roam around your rugs all day long.

Although stains can occur any time

The vacation calls for some fun time and social gatherings. In such situations, your rugs are bound to get stained from wine spills, food stains, paint, and whatnot. The demand for professional rug cleaning Hobart remains quite high during summers.

  • Rug Buckling

Your rugs and carpets can develop ripples during summer. The reason behind sudden rug buckling may include, dragging of heavy furniture while the rugs were wet, faulty installation, or hot and humid climate.

Rug buckling is a simply annoying and painful sight. Therefore, you need to remain a little cautious with changing seasons. Seek help from professionals or apply DIY tricks for restoring the appearance of your rugs

  • Odor

With kids and pets at your home, your rugs are bound to become the victim of food spills, dust, pet hair, and whatnot. Rugs release bad odor from continuous dust accumulation, humidity, and mould growth.

The summer seasons happen to be the most ideal situation for mould and mildew growth. A moulded rug releases an unpleasant smell and leaves them stained as well. The season calls for professional services of rug washing Melbourne.

  • Allergen

Your rugs are home to bacteria, dust, pet dander, and all kinds of food crumbs. These allergens don’t just damage your rugs but also affect your health. You may experience skin allergies, respiratory problems, sore eyes, and so on.

People already suffering from diseases like asthma, and other health problems may feel discomfort around dirty rugs. Therefore, you must get professional services for rug cleaning Hobart during summers.

5 Ways to Keep Your Rugs Clean Over Summers

Hopefully, you have understood how summer brings a lot of trouble to your rugs. Now, let’s explore amazing tips for keeping your rugs clean throughout the summer season.

  • Avoid Walking with Shoes On

Your shoes bring a major amount of dirt inside your house. And, your valuable rugs get ruined every time they are walked upon. The dirt and soil brought in by your footwear get ingrained in the rugs. Those fine dust particles keep on making a pocket in your rugs that accumulate more dirt and damages fibers.

Avoid Walking with Shoes On

So, when your guests arrive during summers for gatherings make sure to request them to take their shoes off. Else use doormats at the entrance of your house so they can remove dirt from your shoes and save your rugs from getting dirty. This simple initiative can give you amazing results. Your rugs won’t get soiled immediately thus; it’ll help in saving money on rug washing Melbourne.

  • Treat Spills Immediately

Spills are inevitable. No matter how careful you remain around the rugs, it is not always possible to control kids and pets. During summers when the kids remain at home you must remain attentive towards stain accidents. Treatment of spills as soon as it incurs is the most effective way of preventing your valuable rugs from getting damaged.

You may follow DIY tricks for the treatment of rug stains. However, the results are not always impressive. Therefore, in case the stains are too complicated to handle at home, feel free in contacting professionals for rug cleaning Hobart.

  • Vacuum Clean Regularly

Vacuum clean your rugs regularly for keeping them free from dust accumulation. With the increase in traffic during summers your rugs are likely to accumulate more dirt than usual. The dirt and soil particles have a sandpaper-like effect every time the rugs are walked upon.

Therefore, you must vacuum clean your rugs twice a week or more during the summer seasons. The habit of cleaning your rugs keeps your family healthy and boosts air quality by eliminating allergens.

  • Avail Professional Rug Cleaning Hobart

Your valuable rugs must get professional rug washing Melbourne. Summers happen to be the best season of the year for getting your rugs washed professionally. The warm temperature and sunny days help your rug in drying quickly. The risk of mould and mildew growth on wet rugs reduces during summers.

Professional cleaning is necessary for your rugs anyway. General cleaning at home only removes dirt on the surface level. For deep cleaning of the rugs, availing of professional cleaning is a must. Experts use specialized devices, eco-friendly cleaning solvents, and effective methods for removing stains, dirt, and odor from rugs. Make sure to get your rugs cleaned professionally at least twice a year.

  • Spend More Time Outside

When your family and kids remain at home during summers, you should encourage outdoor activities more. Spending time outside is a great initiative for keeping your rugs safe and clean.

Additionally, exposure to the outdoors is relaxing and fun for people of all age groups. So, make sure to develop a habit of enjoying the outdoors by hoisting pool parties and allowing kids to play in the park.


Follow these amazing tips for keeping your rugs clean and safe throughout the summers. Feel free in contacting professionals for deep cleaning of rugs. Call us now!

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