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5 Unique Shaker Cabinet Kitchen Ideas

Shaker Cabinet Kitchen

A standout timeless kitchen design element, Shaker-style kitchen cabinets have managed to continue to show up in the kitchens of many homeowners since its origin. The Shaker-style is a thing of beauty and is a part of the reason the style has survived throughout the decades.

The versatility of Shaker-style kitchen cabinets lends to its simplicity and grace, which makes it a great fit for almost any home, from traditional style homes to contemporary homes. How can you get the most out of your Shaker kitchen cabinets? Here are 5 unique Shaker cabinet kitchen ideas.

  • Create a Modern Look With Glass Fronts

Shaker cabinets are known for their classic appeal and some are more traditional in their design than others. Maybe you want your Shaker cabinets to have a more current look and feel. If clean lines and a modern look are what you seek, make your lower Shaker cabinets a dark color, such as dark gray or navy blue, and opt for glass fronts on the upper cabinets.

While this is not the typical two-tone effect, it mimics it and provides the opportunity to showcase your dinnerware. It also draws on the Scandinavian style that emphasizes functionality, clean, simple lines, minimalism, and gentle beauty. Explore kitchen cabinets online and see the shaker-style options that could transform your kitchen.

5 Unique Shaker Cabinet Kitchen Ideas

  • Use Cabinet Doors to Hide Appliances Behind Cabinet Doors

Shaker kitchen cabinets have a functional appeal and are known for their clean style, which is partly why many homeowners are drawn to them. Hidden features in a kitchen create interest and can be an exciting addition.

This is where employing the use of shaker-style doors to conceal appliances, helps with organization and achieving uniformity in a simple way. For example, you could hide your microwave behind white shaker fold-in doors, or hide your pantry behind Shaker pantry cabinet doors. If your kitchen space is small, a hidden feature is a good solution for avoiding cramming items on a shelf.

  • Go Retro-inspired

A simple way to enhance your already beautiful Shaker-style cabinets is to give it a paint job. Paint is affordable and is a quick way to create a retro 1950s diner-inspired kitchen space.

You can create bold, time-period Shaker kitchen cabinets in bright red or teal and add the finishing touches with chrome kitchen cabinet hardware for a more modern finish. While you could spend thousands of dollars to find vintage cabinets or create custom pieces, you can give your existing Shaker-style cabinets a facelift.

  • Opt For an Upscale Kitchen Space

Maybe you’d like a kitchen space that is a bit of refinement and elegance. You can create your kitchen with a sophisticated look with online kitchen cabinets fully assembled that are a bit more high-end by adding crown molding.

This can be done by customizing your Shaker cabinets, adding a piece of narrow wood to it, and fitting it to space, covering gaps or flaws. For the upscale touch, select the more traditional style with beveled edges that can add an upscale touch to the room. Up the ante with combinations like black with gold or brass hardware.

  • Choose Rustic Style

The rustic, farmhouse style kitchen has survived throughout the decades and is here to stay. Shaker cabinets are simply ideal for the rustic farmhouse style kitchen, thanks to their classic simplicity.

Consider having wall-mounted wooden shelves for your lower shaker cabinets, which creates a combination of practicality and stylish beauty.

It could be fun transforming your kitchen using Shaker cabinets to create a space where memories will be created and delicious meals prepared. Shaker cabinets offer functionality, classic appeal, and versatility, which allows them to be a wonderful addition to many different style kitchens. Use these simple ideas to help you make the best use of your Shaker cabinets.

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