5 Useful Tips For Novice Graphic Designers

5 Useful Tips For Novice Graphic Designers

Resistance to the new skills is a natural physiological reaction of any person. The acquisition of new skills or the introduction of any new conditions into life is perceived by the human brain as a conflict of our interests. Unconsciously, we think the way: “current conditions of life are more or less good for me, and any changes can lead to the worst.” Therefore, the natural first reaction when meeting new things in life is rejection and unwillingness to do it.

In order to feel more free and comfortable with the adaptation of newly minted designers and students, who are still learning, we have collected several useful chips. If you feel burnout or rejection, try to get something valuable from this text. Perhaps it will be useful for you.

Patience and training

No wonder there is an expression “success is 1% of talent and 99% of work”. Design, like any other creative direction of work, requires patience and training. You need to calmly and consciously accept the first failures and difficulties. At the first negative thought, remember: practice is the key to success in any business. Quantity will definitely turn into quality. In half a year, the speed of your work will be completely different, and in a year even more.

Special services

Any digital specialist can speed up and improve his or her work with the help of specialized services.

Today, designers complement their work and improve processes with the help of artificial intelligence, services which offer a huge base of free mockups, programs for creating sketches and layouts for potential work with a client, and much more.

You should effectively find such services in your field of work through communities and video tutorials. Often, the professional community shares life hacks and chips with the beginners.


Many specialists themselves do not have time to notice how they suddenly begin to get tired of studying or working. Surprisingly, the problem may not lie on the surface at all. Could you think about a mess of files and programs. The specialist may face this problem while processing downloaded images, styles, brushes, etc. There should be such a clear and easy to understand order in the workplace that the designer can always find every detail. A long search can discourage motivation and even spoil the mood, because creating a visual is always a light flight that should be clean.

Start the necessary folders at once, rename the files so that it is clear to you, and start your own encoding.

Notebook or notes in your phone

Like every creative person, designers come up with ideas very spontaneously sometimes. You need to write them down immediately, otherwise you can lose a lot of opportunities. Sometimes you see a harmonious arrangement of elements on a banner or in an advertisement on social networks, and you forget to save it. Why lose the opportunity to be inspired? Write down ideas for yourself and your colleagues!

Part–time work as an important part of the growth

While you are looking for a large-scale project, don’t be afraid to take small jobs. Usually simple tasks are paid low, but you will not waste time in vain, earn some money, gain experience and feedback in the portfolio.


Design for beginners is the way to an interesting, bright and secure future. Working as a designer remotely provides an independent choice of interesting projects, work schedule, location and income.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated and inaccessible in improving the designer’s workflow. We hope that this text was useful for you, that the new life hacks and tips will make your work or training easier and more enjoyable!


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