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5 Ways to Design Your Bedroom for Better Sleep

Design Your Bedroom

If your bedroom is set up to soothe, it becomes easier for you to fall asleep. However, when the design of your room is off, it will be a challenge to get the rest that you need. Having an ideal sleeping area provides a space for positivity, rest, and relaxation. Add some personal items to it like a book, picture frames, and a nice candle.

When you create a refreshing space for your bedroom, it will give you a new perspective on the comfort you can get. Therefore, you can choose to invest in a new mattress,  furniture, ditch electronics, and bring in plants and devices that promote sleep. Shifting to new smart choices will lead to more shut-eye. Below are ways to design your bedroom for better sleep.

Design Your Bedroom for Better Sleep

Keep in mind size and arrangement 

Remember the bed is the focal point of the bedroom. Thus, as you find balance, you need to know that harmony and symmetry are vital in your sleeping space. Bed height is important and you should choose one that is not too high or too low. Plus, you need to consider the size of the room.

Smaller spaces will benefit a lower frame while high ceilings can afford a higher profile. Consider the right bed height and avoid one that the distance of the top of the mattress and floor put pressure on your joints as you get out or up the bed. Ensure the rest of the space is organized and cohesive, but feels, beautiful, personal, and comfortable.

Invest in a quality mattress 

How old is the mattress that you are currently using? If it is more than 7 years old, it is due for a replacement. Also if you are generally uncomfortable while in bed, have backaches, you sleep better when you travel, wake up less rested. All these are tell-tale signs that your mattress is not comfortable and you need to replace it for better sleep.

Choose a good mattress from a company with a good reputation. Take this seriously as the mattress is an important element for a good night’s sleep, and you will use it every night. Consider factors like sleeping style, size, and support level as you purchase one. Also, you can opt to choose the one you can customize to suit your needs, such as plush or firm, adding a pillow top, among others.

Add calming scents 

Some common bedroom scents are lavender, chamomile, and cedar. It can be in a beautiful incense holder, a candle, or a sleek stone diffuser. These scents in a bedroom space help relieve anxiety and stress. The advantage is home fragrance packages are good-looking today. Lighting an aromatic candle in your bedroom every night is very relaxing too.

Other than this, you can decide to dress up your bedroom space by arranging fragrant flowers occasionally. Choose different scents for different occasions and also depending on the mode you will use them on. For instance, if you want a smell that does not linger longer and you are using a diffuser opt for light scents like jasmine.

Declutter to decompress

To improve your sleep quality, clutter and organization have to go hand in hand. Therefore, find homes for knick-knacks, books, install bins and baskets to avoid clothes and clutter on the floor.

Where possible, remove electronics from your room. You will be surprised, having them out will offer a disconnection that you needed for better sleep. Plus, a made bed is enticing to sleep in after a long day as much as it is seen as a morning chore.

Choose the right colors for you 

Do you know that the color scheme of your bedroom will set the mood for accents and furniture? And it can affect your routine and emotions? Choose colors according to preference, it can be contrasting, playful and bright, and moodier. For an easy-going look, white or blush colors will do.

While for a cozy effect go for emerald green, navy, and soft black. Ivory and white sheets are classics and make the bed feel crispy clean. As you design your bedroom choose colors that create a cozy and calming bedroom.

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