5 Ways to Make your Office a Nicer Place

5 Ways to Make your Office a Nicer Place
  1. Indoor plants– Talk to a local indoor plant hire company and let them make a few suggestions to complement your office. They care for the plants and rearrange them at regular intervals; there’s something soothing about bringing nature into the workplace and that has a positive effect on your workforce. Start with a Google search to find a local florist that covers office space; they would be happy to send a representative to your office and you can discuss the various packages.
  2. Wall art– Why not acquire some elegant prints and place them throughout the office? You could buy a set of motivational slogans, which keeps everyone on their toes. Abstract prints are thought-provoking and break up large expanses of bare walls, plus they add some rich colour; search online for art galleries and reputable suppliers of wall art. Of course, personal taste plays a part; you could ask your staff which prints they prefer, which gives them some ownership. However, if you prefer to cultivate a more homey ambiance in your office, especially in the dining area, consider incorporating unique Japanese art prints or other cultural prints. Explore various options online or through reputable art suppliers to find the perfect blend of art that resonates with your preferences and the atmosphere you wish to create in your office.
  3. Wall stickers – Remember the old days when window stickers would never come off? Try as you might, the backing simply won’t come off! Fortunately, those days are long gone and today’s generation of wall stickers can be removed in a single pull! Search the web for suppliers of wall stickers for a great selection of prints. How about a superb mountain view, or perhaps a Caribbean beach? Click here for information on water filtration.
  4. Water wall– Have you seen the latest generation of water walls? Cool LED lights change colour automatically and the unit is plugged in and works automatically, with several programs to choose from.  For the best selection of water features, search the web for local suppliers and install an appealing water feature in your reception area. The sound of running water has a calming effect, which will be beneficial to all. An attractive water feature is perfect in a reception area and these features do not require maintenance.
  5. Background music – Why not have a few Bluetooth speakers placed around the office? Pipe quiet instrumental music at just the right volume and the system can also be used to inform staff of meetings. It might take a while to find the perfect speaker placement, but when you do, you now have a relaxing source of background music.

As you can see, there are quite a few ways that you can brighten up your office; be creative, ask your staff for input and you might be surprised. Involving your employees in design and layout gives them ownership, besides, they will probably come up with some great ideas.

The health & well-being of your employees should be at the forefront of office design and regular revamps will keep everyone engaged.

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