6 Things to Do Before Wearing a Crop Top


Many of us are hesitant about embracing trends from the 90’s, even though these trends seem to be quickly infiltrating almost every aspect of fashion. From ‘fanny packs’ to scrunchies to slip dresses with hiking boots – the 90’s is definitely back.

One of the 90’s trends that we don’t dislike is crop tops. Crop tops are showing up in fashion on red carpets, catwalks, and in plenty of wardrobes. And the great thing is – crop tops are no longer reserved for the young Fashionistas and pop stars of the world.

Now, crop tops are accessible to everyone. From basic t-shirt styles to halter crop tops to cropped cardigans – no matter what your style is, you can rock a crop top.

6 Things to Do Before Wearing a Crop Top

Before baring your midriff in that new favorite crop top you’ve been eyeing in the store, there are a few things you can do to make sure you look your best. Here are our tips for things you can do before wearing a crop top:

Wearing a Crop Top

  • Banish the Bloat

Most women experience some bloating in the stomach area, especially during certain times of the month. There are some things you can do to banish the bloat, however, before wearing a crop top.

Food’s high in potassium, like bananas, carrots, and avocados can help reduce bloating. Drinking lots of water can also help relieve bloating and pressure. Generally, exercise and eat a healthy diet with plenty of fiber to keep the bloat away.

  • Prepare Your Skin

If you are wearing a crop top that shows off your midsection, prep that area by waxing or shaving, and apply a moisturizer. Avoid self-tanners that can make you look orange or make your tummy darker than the rest of your skin. If you use a tanner, make sure your tummy matches your face.

  • Choose Your Style

Before diving into the world of crop tops, decide how much skin you want to show – if any. There are plenty of crop tops that are long enough to show only a sliver of skin, or they may show none at all. If you are feeling brave, there are plenty of options for higher hemlines, even some going as far north as your bra band line.

  • Find Your Shape

There are many different fabrics and shapes to choose from for your crop top, and it is important to find a shape that works for you. Flowy fabrics are comfortable, but they can make you look bigger or sloppy.

Meanwhile, a really tight-fitting top can be unforgiving. The key is finding a fabric and shape that suits your body type and makes you feel great.

  • Be Conservative Everywhere Else

If you are wearing a crop top that shows your midsection, be conservative everywhere else. That means no side-boob, cleavage, under-butt, or under-boob should be visible. Showing off one erogenous zone at a time is best.

  • Try to Relax

Wearing a crop top can be an exciting experience. You are showing some skin and being free and ultimately you. Take the opportunity to relax and go with the flow. Remember that you are perfect the way you are, and you should own your body shape and your style.

Relax and know that your confidence speaks volumes. Going out with friends? Eat that burger, and resist the urge to cover up or be self-conscious. Have a drink and enjoy being you!


You don’t need to be a certain size or shape in order to pull off a great crop top. All you need is some confidence and a little prep work to make sure you and your outfit look their best. Use the 6 tips discussed above to have a great experience with a crop top outfit.

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