9 Reasons Why Renting Extra Storage Is A Good Idea

9 Reasons Why Renting Extra Storage Is A Good Idea

We live in a world where a lack of space limits our comfort and makes our homes less livable. In such a situation, a self-storage unit is a practical solution to resolve this problem and make our ordinary home better organized and clutter-free. 11% of Americans have rented these facilities, while many more are considering leasing one for various reasons.

Self-storage facilities don’t just help homeowners organize their living spaces properly but also let business owners optimize their commercial operations. Renting these units revolutionizes the way you manage your possessions and spaces. Here are a few benefits of renting extra storage:

1. Declutter your house properly

As a quarter of Americans deal with a clutter problem, self-storage options help you embrace the tide of minimalism and get rid of excess items from your house. Whether you’re renovating your house or simply making your apartment more spacious, store your memorabilia, unused furniture, and useless junk in a secure facility. Consider external storage a much-needed extension to your home.

2. Park your big vehicles

Keeping your vehicles parked close to home can be difficult if your garage isn’t spacious enough or if the neighborhood has a higher crime rate. Similarly, if you own a recreational vehicle you use only a few times a year, parking it on your driveway is a waste of useful space. Instead, you should look for local and affordable storage options. Nine million US families own RVs. Search online for RV storage options in the area and park yours safely.

3. Keep your belongings safe

Keeping your valuables in self-storage units means protecting them against fire, crime, and accidents. Don’t let dust, mold, and critters ruin your expensive furniture. Weather won’t damage your precious items in a storage unit. So, if you’re worried about flooding or rainfall damaging the family photos stored in your attic, then it’s a lot smarter to just bring it all to a storage facility for safekeeping.

Self-storage facilities make sure none of your possessions are susceptible to any damage by providing the following:

  • Gated entry
  • Well-lit areas
  • Locks and alarms
  • Proper access control
  • Strategically-placed cameras

4. Reduce your moving costs

If you’re moving out of your home, packing and transporting all your items to your new home can be difficult and expensive. Working with movers can help you overcome the stress of relocating. But a moving company will charge you more for transporting a large number of items.

Alternatively, you can dump most of your possessions in a nearby storage facility and only bring the most necessary items to your new place. Transporting fewer items means paying less to the moving company. Then, you can slowly keep bringing the rest of your stuff to your new home without hiring movers again.

5. Downsize your apartment

If you want to downsize your apartment, renting additional storage space will help you achieve this goal easily. Many people have to downsize after a change in their relationship status or when a teenager moves out of their house. Renting a self-storage unit allows you to reorganize and move some things out of your home when the people who used them are no longer living with you.

6. Preserve your perishables

Perishables easily spoil, decay, and become inedible if not stored under proper conditions. A climate-controlled unit, however, lets you store these items for some time. Generally speaking, you shouldn’t keep food items in a storage facility and look for cold storage options instead. Different storage places have different guidelines regarding which items can be and can’t be stored in their facilities. It’s better to consult the storage facility’s guidelines and policies before storing any items.

As a general rule of thumb, refrain from keeping these items in storage units: – food, plants, produce, dairy products, bakery items, frozen foods, perishable beverages, etc.

7. Access your belongings 24/7

Most self-storage companies offer 24-hour accessibility, meaning you can pick up or drop off stuff whatever you want. Even if you have to access your belongings in the middle of the night, you can just go ahead and get your things. This accessibility ensures independence for employees who travel constantly or even retired individuals living in nursing homes.

8. Store your business inventory

Even entrepreneurs can benefit from some extra storage space to manage their inventory properly. Whether you’re running a company from your garage or have an online business on Amazon, storage facilities serve all customers. Many business organizations keep their old files and documents in these storage places for safekeeping. It’s a great way to expand your business without renting or leasing another room/building unnecessarily. Extra storage is vital for all small businesses out there.

9. Storage units are affordable

Storage options are affordable for people looking for extra space to keep their valuables. A Forbes survey shows that storage facilities, on average, will cost you $185 a month, but cheaper options are available at just $75! However, the price of an average storage facility depends on its size and how well you’re able to negotiate. The larger the unit, the pricier it gets. Climate-controlled self-storage units are more expensive than normal ones because they offer extra protection.


This blog explains how renting a storage facility is the perfect way to remove all the clutter from your house, downsize your apartment, or make room for a newborn. Moreover, you may even park your vehicles in these storage facilities, even if that’s an RV. External storage can easily make your small house more spacious, breathable, and well-organized.

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