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A short guide to boiler maintenance

A short guide to boiler maintenance

Boilers are powerful equipment for heating water and generating steam by burning fuel. They operate at high temperatures and significant pressure. Given these extreme operating conditions, optimal maintenance of such systems is essential to ensure their reliability and safety. Let’s discuss boiler maintenance in more detail and why you should perform this procedure regularly.

Main reasons for regular boiler maintenance

Contact Rocky Mountain for help: https://www.rmhvacutah.com/ to avoid breakdowns and costly repairs. It will also ensure longer equipment life. Let’s look at additional reasons why you should adhere to a maintenance schedule for such systems:

  • Saving lives: safety checks performed by professional services will prevent the terrible consequences of carbon monoxide poisoning and other equipment hazards.
  • Ensuring maximum performance: if your boiler is efficient, it won’t have to work as hard to produce the same volume of heat. This can reduce your fuel costs by up to 10%.
  • Identify problems early: catch potential problems before significant damage is done, and you have to buy new equipment.

Don’t forget that most boiler insurance policies and warranties require an annual inspection to ensure coverage.

The most common difficulties with boilers

Regardless of what boiler your heating system uses, it may stop working correctly at some point. Most often, users encounter the following troubles:

  • Insufficient heat generation may be due to contamination or blockage of the burner or a broken pump or thermostat.
  • Leakage: this problem is connected to tank corrosion or faulty pressure valves.
  • Unbalanced heat distribution: the cause is usually insufficient system pressure and steam leakage.
  • A sound similar to a boiling kettle or other noise is caused by minimal water pressure or the appearance of scale on the heat exchanger.
  • Regular system shutdowns: we recommend checking the thermostat and valve. Sometimes, the reason is low pressure or the need to repair the pump.

This is not a complete list of boiler problems, but no matter what problem occurs, you should not fix it yourself, as you can only worsen the situation.A short guide to boiler maintenance

Recommendations for equipment maintenance

After purchasing the equipment, you should read the user manual, which contains the description of boiler maintenance services; we also advise doing the following:

  • Daily procedures: although complete maintenance is performed several times a year, we recommend continually monitoring for water leaks, unusual noises, or obstructions and contacting a professional if necessary.
  • Periodic maintenance: it is worth performing a more comprehensive inspection once a month. For example, check the pipelines to supply air and remove combustion products. Also, inspect for leaks, blockages, and signs of wear. Every few months, it is necessary to examine the boiler’s hydraulic piping and burner flame.
  • Annual control: invite a specialist to complete an examination at least once a year. The specialist will also clean the heat exchanger, check all connections and wiring, and troubleshoot any problems.

If you notice the slightest problem with your water heating equipment or want to perform routine maintenance but don’t know where to turn, we recommend consulting with the experts at Rocky Mountain. The company has all the necessary EPA and RMGA certificates, which confirm its competence in working with boilers and various climate control systems. For new customers, there is a 50% discount on the first equipment diagnostics. The company is only confident in its effectiveness that it is ready to return money if clients are not satisfied with the result!

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