Altered Carbon Season 3: Cast, Plot, Launch, and More Revealed


The first season gains an approval rating of 68% based on 95 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes’ aggregation website. On Metacritic, the weighted average score of the season is 64 out of 100. This is based on 25 critics, indicating “generally favorable reviews.”

The Altered Carbon show won the 17th Visual Effects Society Awards in the category of Outstanding Effects Simulations in an Episode, Commercial, or Real-Time Project last 2019.

David Griffin of IGN commended the complexity of the plot and the visuals of the show.

The series contains references to a few earlier cyberpunk classics, such as Blade Runner and Ghost in the Shell. There are also several inspirations from the literary works of Edgar Allan Poe.

The series was reportedly the most expensive production of Netflix up to date. Their large budget as compared to the first three seasons of Game of Thrones.

Netflix ordered the series in January 2016. After fifteen years, Laeta Kalogridis, an American screenwriter and television and film producer of Greek descent, intended to make a feature film.

The series was produced in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, for those who don’t know. The old Canada Post building was used as the show location of the Wei Clinic. The Wei Clinic is where Kovacs was tortured.

Altered Carbon Season 1 Recap

Takeshi Kovacs was a convicted criminal. He awakens in a new body after two and a half centuries to help a wealthy man named Laurens Bancroft. Kovacs has to help Bancroft solved his murder.

When Bancroft offered Kovacs a large amount of wealth, including his freedom, Kovacs declined. He was interviewed and interrogated by a police officer named Ortega. Yet Kovacs made sure that he didn’t want the case.

Kovacs was attacked by a high-class hitman called Dimitri just before he checks into a gothic hotel run by artificial intelligence. As Kovacs has been gone for two and a half centuries, he believed that someone did kill Laurens Bancroft. He eventually takes the case.

Kovacs, who is investigating a long list of people who threatened Bancoft’s life, was tracked by Lieutenant Kristin Ortega.

There was also this event where Kovacs was invited to a party at the Bancroft mansion. It was the best move to search for the suspects of Bancroft’s murder.

Kovacs was abducted and tortured. He then discovers that his sleeve was Ortega’s former lover called Elias Ryker.

Ortega was then slowly recovering from a brutal assault. Carnage then kidnapped Kovacs and Ortega. He forced the two into fighting their life to death with his followers.

Kovacs was being reconciled with Reileen, his sister. He also remembered his origins in the Protectorate and with Quellcrist.

To help him get Bancroft’s attention that the lawyer Oumou Prescott was Bancroft’s murderer, he had released Ava into a sleeve of a male.

Altered Carbon Season 1 ending revealed that Lizzie Visited Aerium. She planned to tell Laurens about her pregnancy but was instead confronted by Miriam. After finding out that Lizzie was pregnant with Lauren’s child, Miriam couldn’t control the anger and kicked Lizzie to death. This resulted in the murder of both Lizzie and her baby.

Altered Carbon Season 2 Recap

Season 2 started after 30 years following Bancroft’s murder case. Axley, a Meth, tracked Kovacs and offered him a job to protect him. Kovacs wakes up in an enhanced sleeve and finds Axley and his security murdered.

Kovacs found himself on the planet of Harlan’s worlds. Harlan is now under the control of Danica. Danica is the daughter of Konrad, who is the founder of Harlan.

Danica is putting effort into settling a ceasefire between two sides over mining access. Kovacs asked help from Taneseda Hideki and got hotel Nevermore to be his hideout. Colonel Carrera led the investigation of Axley’s murder and accused Kovacs of the murder.

Kovacs had a hard time processing his memories but realized that Quell was there when Axley was killed. Eventually, Kovacs was captured by Carrera in the club.

Carrera and Danica questioned him about the supposed weapon that can annihilate all DHF backups. Danica decided to sentence Kovacs to die in the Circle. The circle is a televised gladiator event.

Poe attempts to rescue Kovacs and teams up with an archaeological AI, Dig 301, to disrupt the arena’s power supply. The fourth mercenary who entered the Circle that is supposed to appear as Quell was replaced by an actual Quell to help Kovacs escape.

Quell tries so hard to piece her memories together. On the other hand, Trepp decided to find Kovacs because of his increasingly high bounty. Trepp found Kovacs’ location. 

In Season 2 ending, Poe returns after several months of decompressing. It turned out that Poe has some hidden data in his program. The code might contain a fully functional DHF.

Altered Carbon Season 3: Latest Updates and Launch

According to Variety, Netflix’s adaptation of Altered Carbon has been canceled after two seasons. Netflix’s decision to cancel the show is not a COVID-related issue for society, and I Am Not Okay With This. 

A lot of fans were enraged by the news. For them, Altered Carbon was one of the best sci-fi shows of the past ten years. Everyone is hoping that Amazon will pick up the show. Despite the blow-up, we certainly are waiting for a chance to see Altered Carbon again.

Altered Carbon Season 3: Cast

At the end of season 2, Poe made sure to have a backed up copy of the original Kovacs before his stack was destroyed. So will he return for the same place in the lead role?

Schapker reassures the fans about the Takeshi Kovacs’ consciousness that was saved by Poe after sacrificing himself. But the thrilling part is, in what sleeve will Kovacs be?

Schapker also told IndieWire that the thing about Altered Carbon is that nothing is ever shut down, so any of the Kovacs could come back.

Will Yun Lee will surely return as the other Takeshi Kovacs if the show has another chance for Season 3.

Chirs Conner as Edgar Poe, Renee Elise Goldsberry as Quellcrist Falconer, Simone Missick as Trepp, and Dina Shihani as Dig 301, will also be expected to reappear.

Altered Carbon Season 3: Possible Plot

Poe’s relationship with Dig is an interesting part to play a more prominent role in the third season. Also, any outing in the future is likely to be focused on the consequences of “double stacking.”

The final moments of season 2 provided strong hints that there were still more stories and ideas to tell related to Quell and Kovacs. Season 2 also dropped a good insight into Elder technology.

Schapker also left the fans a hint since Will left season 2 with a purpose and a mission. He’s sending a team to pick up Quell’s sleeve. However, the renewal of Season 3 is still blurry to date. Let’s keep our hopes up and wait for an exciting next season.

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