Are You Spending More on Air Conditioning?

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Does it seem like you spend more in the summer months? Your air conditioning is partially to blame. Find out why air conditioning costs so much right now and how you can reduce the costs from this point forward.

Heat Waves:

The more you use your AC unit, the more you’ll spend on running it. One of the simplest reasons why your air conditioning is costing you so much is that you’re using it a lot. The beginning of summer has been riddled with record-breaking heat waves on every single coast. Living without air conditioning in this type of weather is unbearable.

Energy Bill Hikes:

Energy costs are getting higher across the board. The U.S. Energy Information Administration lists several reasons for rises in electricity prices, including the impact of inflation of fuels like natural gas and petroleum. Fuel inflation makes producing electricity more costly. To compensate for those production costs, residents are seeing steeper electric bills.

Your AC unit consumes a considerable amount of electricity, especially when you’re running it day and night. With a rise in electricity costs, you can expect your bills to be much higher than last summer.

Rising Repair Costs:

Your air conditioning repair costs are also going up. Some of this can be attributed to general inflation, while some of it is related to material scarcity. A lot of AC units use the refrigerant R-22. The price of R-22 has skyrocketed in price because manufacturers are phasing out the product in newer models, favoring an eco-friendlier alternative. Since R-22 is becoming less commonplace, it becomes more expensive to purchase and more difficult to find—so if your unit needs the material in a repair, expect it to be pricy.

Ignoring repairs isn’t the solution. That will only cause your air conditioning to be more inefficient. An inefficient unit can raise your electric bill, and it can overheat and breakdown, leaving you with absolutely no cooling during the hottest time of year. A repair will be more affordable than a replacement.

So, what can you do if you need an urgent repair but don’t have enough savings? If your air conditioning is in desperate need of fixing this summer, you could take out a same business day loan to help you cover the urgent repair costs. You can visit this website to learn about same business day loans and to find out what qualifications you need to apply for one of them. This information could come in handy.

How Can You Save Money on Air Conditioning?

There are still some actions that you can take to reduce your AC unit’s impact on your household budget.

Clean the Unit:

Start by cleaning the condenser coils of your unit and changing the filter. A clean unit will run more efficiently.

Cover the Unit:

Is your unit sitting outside and soaking up the sun? This could make it overheat. A simple fix is to cover the top of the unit to keep it shaded.

Seal Air Leaks:

Air leaks will disrupt your home’s indoor temperature in the summer. The air leaks will let the hot, humid temperatures make their way indoors. Seal up gaps around windows and doors with caulking.

Try these things to make your air conditioning cost a little less. Give your budget some relief.

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