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Attractive DIY Wall Art Ideas For Your Living Room

Attractive DIY Wall Art Ideas

The living room is one of the most frequently visited spaces in your home. It is the place where you can unwind after a long day, and where we bond with our family and friends to share our ideas and have a good time over a coffee or even a few drinks. But do you find yourself stuck with a blank wall in your living room? We all know blank walls are not an attractive look. It can feel like a daunting task to decide how to decorate your wall space that can effectively reflect your personal taste and style.

Give your living room walls purpose and refresh your walls with museum-quality wall art prints of your favorite artists, a selection of black and white photographs, or a colorful painting to give your blank walls that personal touch. To help you out we have listed below some of the most attractive do-it-yourself wall art ideas to brighten up your living room space.

Explore the possibilities of wall art

Consider large-scale wall art to brighten up that drab wall in your living room. It could be a new drawing from your artist friend, or maybe a printed poster of your ideal city. Set the right tone and ambiance you would like to achieve.

Once you decide where to hang your wall art, decide on its position, balance, and symmetry and how it interacts with the other decorative elements in the room. A visually vibrant piece of wall art can lighten up a dark space, while a more muted or monochromatic art piece can work best in a minimalist-inspired room.

Recycle that old wallpaper

Adding a new layer of wallpaper is obviously one of the simplest ways to refresh your living room wall. But push your creativity and do something different for a change.  Is there a vintage wallpaper print that inspires you but there is not enough to cover your space? An inexpensive way to add decor to your wall is by framing sections of your prized wallpaper prints.

It’s the best time to use the old picture frames that are not in use and frame a part of the wallpaper you’ve always loved. Cut it to the size of the frame and don’t be afraid to mix various patterns and prints! What’s great is that you can change the design as often as you’d like.

Find inspiration from print

Frame inspirational quotes, words of encouragement, or lines from a respected author or celebrity. After picking out the desired words, measure the space that you’d like to hang it on. Pick out a frame that best accents your living room wall. Before printing, choose the right font that is the most legible and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

This DIY project is easy to achieve, all you need is to choose encouraging lines from people that you look up to and frame them. Choose a color or print the text in black and white. Make sure to determine the number of frames you will need and how its design can best complement your wall.

Highlight the bookworm in you

Do you find yourself short for floor space because of your budding book collection? Clear the surrounding floor area by adding more bookshelves on your walls. Be creative and choose to display a selection of your treasured hardcover books with attractive graphic prints or photographs. Combine your books with other wooden carvings, sculptures, or mementos from your past vintage finds or exotic travels.

Let your wall space reflect your love for reading and literature which can become the next conversation starter when you have guests over.

Plate up

Are you still hanging on to that grand set of plates you inherited from your grandmother years ago? Why keep your plates stored under lock and key in a cabinet, when they can actually be appreciated for all to see on a shelf?

Ceramic plates can add a piece of culture to your living room walls. Get creative and choose a few plates from different eras that would work on your walls. Floral patterns give up a romantic and cozy feel. A craft store or hardware store is a good place to start to get the proper wire holders that can hang your ceramic plates securely.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

One of the easiest and chicest ways to add beauty to a blank boring wall is by hanging a large mirror.

Mirrors have the ability to catch the light, illuminate the surroundings, and make your living room look larger than it actually is. It visually expands your space, leading you to feel more relaxed.

Mirrors can make a small space appear bigger and brighter. Work with a large mirror with an ornate frame or display several mirrors of different shapes and sizes for a more eclectic, bohemian feel.

Final thoughts

A blank wall in your living room space can provide a multitude of decor possibilities with a little bit of patience, creativity, and ingenuity. Be it a newly hanged art print, a drawing from your child or friend, or even a playful decorative mirror, a DIY project to customize your walls is one of the best ways to decorate your living room and show your originality.

Surround yourself with wall accents that you will cherish, because it does not only serve as a way to improve your living room decor but act as a reflection of your personal style and individuality. 

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