Auto Brokers; Trade-in for Cash Quickly, or Trade-up for a Certified Pre-Owned Car

Auto Brokers; Trade-in for Cash Quickly, or Trade-up for a Certified Pre-Owned Car

The used car market in one word, Toyota. Toyota’s large market share helps owners due to the availability of and proximity to parts. Their cars and utes are legendary in quality and performance. Aftermarket components and upgrades to performance or styling are unending.

Regardless of the make or model of car, ute, or van you are buying or selling; doing so through authorized dealerships and brokers has many advantages. You can trade, buy, or sell your car with AutoFlip, CarBroker, SunAuto, or other brokers who have relationships in the wholesale market.

Those relationships and connections from years of business provide for the following advantages in working with them.

  • Price or cost are common concerns when buying/selling a car? Who wants to sell a car well beneath its value? Who is unwitting enough to pay too much? While leaving your vehicle in your park and waiting for the “right” buyer may bring a higher sale price; a certified pre-owned vehicle (CPO) comes with perks more buyers want. Price is only one factor.
  • A broker can give you market-value money for your car in less than a few days. Will that long-term hopeful buyer have cash in hand, and ask for a discount or barter? A broker will assess your vehicle and show you the comparable values.
  • As an individual how many people will see the marketing efforts you apply to sell your car? A broker knows the market and doesn’t need to advertise to sell it. They have buying power and selling connections.
  • I couldn’t think of a better partner for trading a car than a broker. You can drop off your old vehicle and drive out with new wheels. The security of knowing the car you traded for is certified will help you drive off in confidence.
  • When buying a car, you want selection across brands and prices, a broker will show you everything, not only Mitsubishi. See more options with more prices than you could find in a year of car-lot hopping.
  • There is more security involved in working with dealerships and brokers. There are laws protecting you. These laws are in response to shady practices within the industry in the past. Car sales still have a stigma from dubious transactions. Lemon Laws are protection.
  • Selling on your own is one of the quickest-growing victim segments. People trust an online acquaintance to buy a vehicle, who shows up to steal it. Some people have been hurt during transactions gone wrong. Be safe. Be smart. Don’t let big money lure you into danger.
  • CPO vehicles are inspected for collision and history.
  • CPOs will have a warranty extended from the manufacturer and roadside assistance programs.
  • A broker could offer you in-house financing on your purchase with a trade-in.
  • In a purchase, CPOs are more expensive. They are better maintained and serviced during their ownership and are fully refreshed for delivery.

Don’t be scammed. As mentioned before, social media platforms have been instrumental in Australians losing over $90 Million last year. There are insurance scams that hunt private sellers. Some sellers require a down payment before viewing. Be cautious.

Always drive safely.

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