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Best 10 Tinypic Alternatives, Sites Like Tinypic


TinyPic is one of the successful photo and video sharing platforms that offer friendly-user features. It grants users to exchange, share, record, or transfer files available on the internet even without an account. 

TinyPic also functions in the same way as URL shortening which provides short web addresses for every exchanged image. Moreover, TinyPic also hosts a convenient exchange of tiff records, JPEG, PNG, JPG, and GIF.

One of its most sought-features that TinyPic users are looking for in other alternatives is the seamless transfer of images to different sites on the web.  However, due to declining revenue, TinyPic could no longer support high-end digital services. This results in shutting down its operations after almost fifteen years in service.

As of the moment, there are more than 50 best alternatives that function like TinyPic, or even better that will suit both your needs and address your purpose.

Today, we listed the 10 best TinyPic alternatives you may utilize that serve  similar features with TinyPic.


Just like TinyPic, Imgur is an online platform that hosts image uploading, sharing, transfer, and more. One of the best attributes of Imgur is its flexibility and ease of use. 

Imgur is an online platform

It is no doubt that Imgur attracts numerous users especially with its feature that lets users customize galleries, edit images, manage posts, and store an unlimited number of photos without expiration.

Also, the platform serves as a way for people from around the world to connect and agree on the best humorous public post to the top. With Imgur, you are not only hosting your photos but also, encouraging engagement to every user.


Another alternative to TinyPic is Photobucket, which serves as a digital community that hosts billions of images from millions of users around the globe. It is widely used for entertainment or business purposes.

Photobucket offers subscriptions to its users who wish to go for the ad-free version. Moreover, it was recommended by TinyPic, as a sister company for image hosting.


Flickr is an online community that is widely known to be the home of more than ten billion photos and over 2 million groups. It offers two types of accounts, free and pro. The free account exhibits limited photo storage and video length while the Pro subscription offers unlimited storage and other upgraded features.

It is one of the most trusted platforms in comparison with TinyPic that peaked immediate success and to date despite the controversies faced by the management.

Google Photos

Another best alternative to TinyPic that is most widely used by billions of people is Google Photos which was developed by Google. 

Google Photos is popular due to its unlimited storage feature, as well as high-quality videos and images which can be stored in folders, grouped by files, and so on.

Apart from that, Google Photos also acts as a backup tool in syncing when a user will share its files between other platforms. This makes Google Photos flexible and accessible for anyone with a device.


Dropbox provides free cloud storage that entices users to store any type of file, and get a readily available, short web link address to share with other platforms.

Similar to TinyPic, it has a flexible feature that can have a user’s stored files available both online and offline according to their needs.


This platform is considered to be one of the best free alternatives for TinyPic users. Business people enjoy ImageShack for business purposes as it offers top quality image interface and can stay on par with the best private photo sharing app.

Apart from that, ImageShack users can also upload unlimited high-resolution images and may also choose to set their galleries either public or private. 

Imageshack also offers premium subscriptions for users who want to enjoy advanced features, higher capacity storage, and so much more.


500PX is a TinyPic alternative platform that functions like a social media site where photographers upload their shots and showcase their best photos. 

It is also a platform where photographers from different viewpoints come as one to present themselves professionally, create their portfolios, and earn on the side.

Although it does not permit ease of access for linking photos to share, it is still considered one of the best alternatives for image storing and sharing similar to TinyPic

Image Hosting Biz

Image Hosting Biz is another best alternative to TinyPic. This platform allows users to enjoy a free sharing site that works similarly to a hotlink. 

It works by dragging and dropping photos in its interface which immediately uploads the images, stores them in the server, and provides a shareable code that permits others to view.

Image Hosting Biz permits any user to enjoy unlimited upload of any type of file with the luxury to share their URL address with others just by logging in.


This is among the best alternatives for sharing images that work similarly with TinyPic. Imgbox is a free digital service that has been in the market for 7 years. 

It hosts a massive amount of images from billions of users around the globe. Moreover, it lets its users enjoy its free features like hotlinking that works as dropping and dragging files, unlimited storage space and time, and so on even without an account.


This TinyPic alternative is a creative platform that offers users editing tools to make animated images, enhance funny memes, and more.

PhotoFunia allows users to upload their edited craft directly to different social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others. With PhotoFunia, anyone can utilize its editing tools and share them on different platforms.

Bottom Line

Although TinyPic is reputable for image hosting, there are several alternative platforms that TinyPic users can use online which some offer even better features, and attributes that could cater to their needs.

The 10 best alternatives listed above may have been our top picks, but you can openly search online and find the best alternative that can utilize your purpose for sharing on the internet.

Any of the aforementioned platforms permit individuals to share images, videos, links, store them with both unlimited time and space and more.

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