12 best websites like Fingerhut to buy now and pay later

websites like Fingerhut

Who doesn’t adore shopping? Irrespective of age and gender, everyone loves shopping. However, we can’t always shop as we desire and whenever we want due to financial constraints.

Many times, we are in shortage of funds.  For such shoppers, the ‘buy now pay later’ facility serves as a godsend. Yes, there are a few shopping platforms that provide credit facilities to customers for a certain period. This allows them to buy the products and pay for them later when they have sufficient funds.

One of the most popular platforms in the ‘buy now and pay later’ category is Fingerhut. But, it isn’t recommended. Why? It’s mainly because of all the items that you find in Fingerhut and priced much higher than the price offered by retailers.

The interest rates charged are also very high. Furthermore, if you using the line of credit to increase your credit score, then it won’t show any significant improvement. The good news is that there are better alternatives for Fingerhut, which are more reasonable.

Best Fingerhut Alternatives:


At the Shopping Channel, you can find all types of products from electronics, personal care to daily-use items. And, the best part is that you can buy the products now and pay for them later.


The platform is one of the best alternatives of Fingerhut as they offer easy financing with less interest rate. Furthermore, they even offer a good discount on products. So, you can save money when buying this shopping site.


Bluedstem Brands have a few online stores, and Gettington is one among them. It is a Fingerhut-like application that offers credit facilities on all the products.


It sells a large fraction of its items at discounted. You will get a credit account on this site from which, you can buy your favorite products and pay after some time.


Flexshopper is another great alternative to Fingerhut. It boasts of having more than 85,000 items to choose from. The website is easy to use and offers a credit facility to the users with a reasonable interest rate.


It is one of the best platforms for those looking to buy electronics. It likewise has some other items like toys, cell phones, cameras, etc.


Ginny’s is an online store where you can find home apparatuses, kitchen cookware, dinnerware, and bedding at low prices. You can enjoy an effortless shopping experience by utilizing their online indexes.


Furthermore, you can buy the products now and pay for them later. They offer to finance, so you can pay for products is easy monthly installments. Ginny’s credit is a great substitute for Fingerhut as the interest rates are lower.

5. HSN

Home Shopping Network (HSN) is an online store known for its huge collection of products. It has its website as well as a shopping app where users can browse products and place an order.


Here, you can find a wide range of high-quality products to adorn yourself from head to toe. HSN offers financing to all its users. So, you can buy the products and pay for them later along with low interest.


Zebit is a one-stop destination for a wide range of products from electronics, home appliances to décor. You can buy these products and easily pay for them later in EMIs.


The platform offers a maximum credit limit of up to $2500. In order to shop with a credit facility, users don’t need to apply for any membership or produce their credit score.


SkyMall is another great alternative for Fingerhut. In this shopping site, you can find different items from gardening equipment, beauty items, gadgets, personal care items to clothing.


It is the best for individuals who are searching for music devices and electronics. The website is easy to use and provides a credit facility.


StoneBerry is one of the best alternatives to Fingerhut as it allows even users with bad credit scores to buy products with a credit facility.


Here, you can find a wide assortment of items ranging from jewelry, gadgets, mobile phones to cameras.


If you are looking to buy décor items for your home, then you should shop on Country Door. The site has a wide variety of home improvement items. Here, you will get both traditional and modernized home-style items.


The icing on the cake is that all products can be bought by availing a credit facility. You can also benefit from saving coupons and vouchers.


Midnight Velvet is another great site from where you can buy different types of products along with availing credit facility.


You can buy the items now and pay for them in scheduled payments as low as $20 every month. The website has a wide range of products including clothing, home décor, and grooming products.


The Swiss Colony is an online store for individuals who wish to buy food items on credit. It remains one of America’s most prominent and most trustworthy ‘buy right now pay later’ sites for procuring food items.


You can shop on credit for anything be it cheddar, chocolate, desserts, cake, or meat.

12. MDG

MDG is a shopping site that started as a computer sales website but today, you can find an extensive range of gadgets, computer peripherals and furniture in the store.


It allows users to own the products instantly and pay for them later. Furthermore, the products are available at affordable prices.

So these are the sites that are the best alternatives to Fingerhut. These offer ‘buy now and pay later’ facility to the users along with offering an extraordinary shopping experience.

Most of them do not make any credit check, so you may buy products even with bad credit. These shops like Fingerhut have made shopping all the more effective. Make the most of your shopping with any of the sites mentioned above.

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