Big Little Lies Season 3. Release Date, Cast, and Plot

Big Little Lies
Big Little Lies

Big Litte Lies is an American drama series based on the 2014 Big Little Lies novel by Liane Moriarty. David E. Kelley creates the television series. The first season was premiered on 19th February 2017, while the showrunner aired the second on 9th June 2019. The series has won several awards for its fantastic work. 

The first season acquired 16 Primetime Emmy Award nominations, where it won eight. These include Outstanding Limited Series and Golden Globe Award for The Best Television Series/ Best Miniseries. Additionally, the actors Dern, Skarsgard, and Kidman won Golden Globe Awards, and Skarsgard and Kidman also got Screen Actors Guild Awards for their performance in the series.

Is the Season Renewed or Canceled

The fans have waited for a relatively long period to release the third season of the series.  There is no announcement to date concerning the cancellation of the release of season 3.  Therefore, the chances are high that Big Little Lies Season 3 will be renewed and released soon. We need to be patient and wait for the crew to do what’s necessary to release the new season.

Release date of The Big Little Lies

The Big Little Lies Season 3 is much waited by its numerous fans for quite some time. The people keep on guessing when the new show will be released, which turns out to be wrong predictions.  According to the HBO president, Casey Bloys, if the cast members manage to work out the schedules, they will be willing to provide the third season go-ahead.  David E. Kelley hinted that this season 3 might be a real ‘down the road,’ which may not be anytime soon.  Once the series is quickly renewed, the season will premier soon. Therefore, we expect the release date of the series to be someday in 2022.

The Cast of the Season

The show crew has not yet confirmed the possible release dates of the new season. Once the season is renewed, they will work on it to bring us our favourite show. In the case they will renew this season, we will expect to see some of our favourite characters.

These star casts of the new season include; Reese Witherspoon(Madeline), Laura Dern as Renata, Shailene Woodley as Jane, Nicole Kidman as Celeste, Adam Scott as Ed, and James Tupper as Nathan.

Cast of Big Little Lies

The Cast of Big Little Lies

Additionally, Darby Camp as Chloe, Iain Armitage as Ziggy, Kathryn Newton as Newton, and Jeffrey Nordling Gordon. Notably, Robin Weigert is likely to get back her role as Dr Amanda Reisman, the therapist.  The crew has officially announced that there will be an addition of new casts in the new season. These include Sandra Bullock, Jeniffer Lopez, Julia Roberts, Gwyneth Paltrow, Brad Pitt, and Jeniffer Lawrence. 

The Plot of Big Little Lies Season 3

Season 2 ends with Madeline and Ed renewing their vows while Bonnie informs Nathan that she no longer loves him. With so much drama in the courtroom, Mary Louise leaves the town, and Celeste acquires her children’s full custody. Jane also starts to open up to Corey and attempts to give their relationship a shot after receiving approval from Ziggy. 

Notably, we see Bonnie opt to confess that he pushed Perry intentionally down the stairs for attacking Celeste. She is accompanied by her friends, all known as Monetary Five, to the police station. 

After the show’s renewal, we will get to know what happens once the women go to the police station.  Bonnie will confess to the police about her action. On the other hand, her friends will defend her that she was only protecting Celeste and provide statements concerning Perry’s violent behaviour. As stated by Kravitz in an interview, someone will die in this season, not Bonnie.

When Should We Expect Season 3

As soon as the series gets renewed, we can expect its release to be soon. Due to the viewers’ great demand, the crew is likely to hasten the renewal and production of the series.  Hence, we can expect the series to be released come 2022. If the team happens to set a date for release, we will keep you informed.


There is no communication from the show creator concerning the release dates of the new show. If the series is renewed and released, expect new characters in the show as earlier announced. The series is expected to be released in 2022.


The Big Little Lies series is a series worth watching with exemplary actors. Its first and second season granted it fame and acceptance by many people worldwide. the season awaits renewal for it to be produced and later on premiered, ready for the fans to watch. Once the crew comes together, they will come up with a superb show worth the long wait. Therefore, we can be patient until around 2022, when the new season is likely to be released.

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