Blacklist Season 8. Release Date, Cast, and Plot

Blacklist season 8
Blacklist season 8

Blacklist is a crime thriller that premiered on NBC on 23rd September 2013 as an American television series. It follows Reddington  (James Spader), who formerly served as a U.S. Navy officer. He later turned to be a high-profile criminal who later surrenders to the FBI after decades of escaping arrest.

He has claimed that his interests and those of the FBI are similar in eliminating stubborn terrorists and criminals. He will only cooperate with Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone), who we see in the first episode unable to profile herself since she is a rookie FBI profiler.

But, Keen is not very observant of the idea. In his own criminal pursuant, Reddington has a compiled list of worldwide criminals he claims are a drawback of his own interests or larger society. FBI have no idea of these criminals, and they are not on their “Most Wanted” list. Reddington refers to this list as “The Blacklist”.

As the story builds up, he uses the FBI to capture enemies and strategic interests for personal gains. 

Universal Television, Davis Entertainment, and Sony pictures entertainment continue to produce the series.  It is executively produced by John DavisJohn Eisendrath, Jon Bokenkamp, Joe Carnahan, and John Fox.


On the 13th of November, 2020, the season was premiered.  On the 20th day of February 2020, the television series dubbed the American crime thriller season 8 was ordered. It has 10 episodes:

  • Roanoke – aired on 13th Nov 2020
  • Katarina Rostova – aired on 20th Nov 2020
  • 16 Ounces – aired on 22nd Jan 2021
  • Untitled – aired on 29th Jan 2021
  • The Fribourg Confidence – aired on 5th Feb 2021
  • The Wellstone Agency – aired on 12th Feb 2021
  • Chemical Mary – aired on 19th Feb 2021
  • The Cyranoid – to be aired on 5th March 2021
  • Dr Laken Perillos – to be aired on 12th March 2021

Blacklist Cast: Who Will Be in it?

James Spader will come back as super-intelligent serial killer Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington. Alongside him will be Megan Boone as Liz Keen, Diego Klattenhoff as Donald Ressler, Laura Sohn as Alina Park, Harry Lennix as Harold Cooper and Laila Robins as Katarina Rostova.

Blacklist Cast

Raymond Reddington


  • James Spader as Raymond  “Red” Reddington  
  • Megan Boone as Elizabeth Keen 
  • Diego Klattenhoff as Donald Ressler 
  • Harry Lennix as Harold Cooper 
  • Amir Arison as Aram Mojtabai 
  • Laura Sohn as Alina Park  
  • Hisham Tawfiq as Dembe Zuma 


  • Laila Robins as Katarina Rostova
  • Ron Raines as Dominic Wilkinson 
  • Kecia Lewis as Esi Jackson


  • Huey Lewis  as himself

The plot of Blacklist: What’s Gonna Be in it?

Season 8 starts in a more heightened and theatrical place than the other seasons. The story that was not told at the close of the previous season will be told here.

One thing that Elizabeth Keen desires are to take Raymond Reddington to the cleaners. The question is: will she make it?

And more, can Liz trust her mom Katarina?

Katarina is a very dangerous spy. Liz understands this, and also, she is not the most dependable person. However, in the final episode, she did something that sincerely moved Liz, and I think, stirred her to align herself with Katarina in a very tangible way.

She, in some way, sacrificed herself for Liz by giving Red data that allowed him to track her down. The reason she did it was because she wanted to keep Liz safe. As a mother, Katarina didn’t want Red to know that Liz had betrayed him to her.


NBC has released a new trailer for the approaching season’s début episode, and it looks like things will be once more intense.

Most likely, the plotline will concentrate on Red’s illness; Will the ailment lead to Red’s death? The felonious mastermind has been evading death quite a lot of times. But if his condition plunges, can he still navigate out of it?

Red’s mysterious disease, if featured in The Blacklist Season 8, would be the third season. Apart from his identity, it also takes time before this disease is known.

Liz takes a different path as she meets up with her mum to develop a hidden plan.

What will be the new plotline that the new season is about to take? It could dwell on Red’s illness which was mentioned in season 6.

Is Katarina able to help Red out of this disease, or she will take up his role once he succumbs to the disease?  It is unimaginable to have The Blacklist without Reddington. Of course, key players may take up his role, but he is irreplaceable.

If The Blacklist Season 8 will be the culmination of the crime drama, it may close with Red’s death.

But what could be Red’s illness?

Wrap Up

Brian Dennehy died before the production and was replaced by Ron Raines as Dominic Wilkinson.  Clark Middleton portrayed Glen Carter, who was Red’s tracker died in October 2020 

These are the updates we had for The Blacklist today. We will give you the latest updates as soon as we get them.

Thank you for always reading.

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