Blood and Treasure Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and More Latest Updates


Blood and Treasure is an American television series. It’s an action-adventure drama that was created by Stephen Scaia and Matthew Federman. The series premiered last May 21, 2019, and was aired on CBS. 

Both Scala and Federman also functioned as executive producers and writers. They worked alongside Taylor Elmore, Marc Webb, Ben Silverman, and Mark Vlasic.

Blood and Treasure Season 2 Plot

The premise of the series rotates around a brilliant antiquities expert and a well-known art thief. They both team up against a ruthless terrorist. This terrorist gets his funding from selling stolen treasure. 

As they both travel the globe in search of the villain, they accidentally find themselves trapped in the center of an ancient battle for the cradle of civilization. Unknowingly these battles have been ongoing for more than 2000 years. 

Blood and Treasure Season 2 Cast

The cast of Blood and Treasure is composed of the following stars:

  • Matt Bar who plays Danny McNamara; Danny is a former FBI agent who now practices law. He specializes in finding and repatriating lost or stolen art. 
  • Sofia Pernas who plays Lexi Vziri; Lexi is both a thief and a con woman.  She opted to partner with Danny despite their unpleasant past. Her mother happens to be a member of a secret society named the Brotherhood of Serapis. Serapis is a descendant of Cleopatra. 
  • Hames Callis who plays Simon Hardwick; Simon is an international smuggler. He was rescued by Danny McNamara after he was abducted by Farouk. He seeks to uncover the secrets of the brotherhood. 
  • Katia Winter plays Gwen Karlsson; Gwen is an Interpol agent who was assigned to investigate the Farouk Case
  • Michael James Shaw plays Aiden Shaw. Aiden is an international arms dealer. He happened to have ties with Farouk. Due to this, he was hesitant to help Dani and Lexi. However, he, later on, had a comfortable working arrangement with them. 
  • Oded Fehr plays Karim Farouk. Karim is an Egyptian terrorist leader who was supposed to be dead. He was attacked by the authorities with a drone strike but somehow, he managed to survive. 
  • Alicia Coppola plays Dr. Ana Castillo. Dr. Castillo is Danny’s mentor concerning their field. She also happens to be the world’s foremost expert on everything there is to know about Cleopatra. 
  • Mark Gagliardi plays Father Chuck. Father Chuck is a very old friend of Danny. He works as a priest in the Vatican. 
  • John Larroquette plays Jay Reece. Jay is a billionaire and is Danny’s father figure. He is the one who oversees the effort in finding Castillo as well as the plan in stopping Farouk. However, it was revealed that he was the one who framed Danny’s true father for art theft. He also happened to be the biological father of Farouk. 
  • Antonio Cupo plays Captain Bruno Fabi. Captain Bruno is an officer and works for the Carabinieri. He is also a secret member of the Brotherhood of Serapis however, he died while trying to help Danny and Lexi. 
  • Tony Nash plays Omar. Omar is Farouk’s right-hand man and second in command. 
  • Ali Hassan plays Taj bin Yusef. Taj is part of Farouk’s organization and he took over the operations after Farouk was killed. 
  • Anna Silk as Roarke. She used to be a black-ops agent. She was hired by Jay Reece to go and secretly hunt Danny and Lexi. 
  • Paget Brewster plays Sister Lisa. This is a new character and is set to be in Season 2. 

Production and Development Recap

Back on November 30 of 2017, CBS announced that they are going to release a new television series called Blood and Treasure. The initial order was for thirteen episodes for the first season. 

The production company included in the project is CBS Television Studios. The casting was finalized in 2018. Filming started in the summer of 2018. Set location included places like Canada, Turin, Rome, Venice, Italy, Tangier, and Marrakesh. 

Season two filming began last October of 2019. 

Blood and Treasure 2 Latest Updates

Back in June 2019, the action and adventure series was renewed by CBS for another season. Production had started but due to the delays brought about by the quarantine period, the release date was set back to 2021. 

The first season came out as highly appreciated. All 12 episodes of season one garnered good reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. Many critics have found the series as a cross between The Mummy and Indiana Jones with a bit of Tom Raider being thrown into the mix. 

The energy that is built up in every episode is quite contagious with a mix of sharp writing and wittiness. The chemistry of the leads, Danny and Lexi, is also very good. 

The very first season was aired on May 21 2019 over the CBS network. So most fans are most likely expecting the second season to drop around the 3rd quarter of 2020. But no worries, as the whole industry came to a standstill, most of the new material will be released once everything is normalized. 

Production is currently shooting for the remainder of the season. No official date has been announced yet for the premiere of season 2. No trailer has also been released to the public by the production company. 

What to Expect in the Second Season of Blood and Treasure?

The first season-ending was quite a cliffhanger. Towards the end of the season, it was shown that the Queen has returned during the 11th episode. Now, this presents new threats to our main characters. 

This time around, the main focus will most likely be on the character of Danny. Given the twists that were uncovered during the first season, it is exciting to see an extended story of the first season. Most likely, the Queen’s return will be given more emphasis. 

Where to Watch Blood And Treasure?

You can catch the series when it airs on CBS. But for recaps, you can stream it on CBS All Access. The series is also available on Amazon, Disney+, and Netflix.

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