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Aaron McGruder created ‘The Boondocks’ as a comic-strip for Hitlist.com. He did not have any idea how far this start-up comic-strip will take him. The project is also one of the turning points of his career.

The Boondocks became famous and created hype. Various print advertisements and promotions helped the strip’s popularity. It was first produced and printed in The Source and later on seen in the Universal Press Syndicate.

As the animation industry started to boom, McGruder decided to shift into an adult animated series. After a few challenges and failures, the series was finally aired on the cable network Adult Swim. It launched in November 2005 with four seasons in 10 years.

The first three seasons were topping charts. It gained positive feedback from audiences and critics. The series had bold moves from tackling the country’s disposition at that time. The Obama Administration even became a focus of one of the episodes in the series.

In 2006, ‘Boondocks’ received a Peabody Award. All the awards and praises became nothing when the creator, Aaron McGruder, did not show up for a fourth season.

The producers faced a difficult decision because McGruder was the one who started the series. Due to his disappearance, the series had less appealing content that declined the views.

The show created a lesser and lesser buzz in the industry. The fourth season did not air anymore due to agitation in public.

The Boondocks Season 5 Cast

The main character of the series is the Freeman brothers. The brothers are Huey and Riley. Huey is a 10-year-old talented kid. He is knowledgeable in culture, arts, and politics.

Riley, who is the younger brother, is only eight years old. He shows a very mysterious character. Both Huey and Riley’s characters are charming on different levels. The award-winning actress, Regina King, lends voices to Huey and Riley’s character.

Robert Freeman is another influential character in the series. He is the grandfather of the Freeman brothers.

Robert loves the kids dearly. But, to show his love to them, he tests their opinions and actions to make them better kids. The famous John Witherspoon voices Grandpa Robert.

In the series, the character of Uncle Ruckus is the antagonist. The brothers and Grandpa Robert makes a great team in fighting him. Gary Anthony Williams is the voice artist for Uncle Ruckus.

A lot of celebrities became a part of the show because of its exemplary production and execution. Snoop Dogg and Samuel Jackson became voices of other characters in the series.

The Boondocks Season 5 Plot

The story revolves around two siblings and their funky Grandpa. The setting is in the suburbs. Grandpa Robert is the legal guardian of the brothers, Huey and Riley.

Huey is ten years old, while Riley is eight years old. They have notable differences in their characters, but Grandpa Robert loves the two.

Huey, the older brother, is a revolutionist. He is sociable and politically involved. The younger brother, Riley, is a music lover. Riley loves to rap, and he takes culture seriously. Riley was often stereotyped as being a black boy.

A social and political issue involves the kids after they got stereotyped in their neighborhood. The neighborhood is home to the middle and upper-class white people that stir up the plot of the story.

Through the show and the characters’ dialogues, ‘The Boondocks’ bravely touches the untouchable.

The show portrays the take of the black people on American politics. The perspective is clear and almost sarcastic. The writer did think outside the box with these topics. Due to the social issues tackled in the show, it became a little controversial.

The Boondocks Season 5 Release Date

Fans all over the globe became sad as the show ended in June 2014. The series is such a brave take on rising social issues. ‘The Boondocks’ tackled politics, culture, and society. Being unique in its genre to discuss sensitive issues, it captured the hearts of the people.

The cancellation of the show was a shock to the fans. On rumors, there was not a clear explanation of why the series was canceled and what happened to McGruder.

The fan base is solid that a petition was filed for demanding a new series. Despite the efforts, it was not noticed by the entertainment industry.

There were interviews with two of the shows’ producers, Carl Jones and Brian Ash. Unfortunately, even the producers are keeping a tight grip about confirming rumors.

There were even various false reports about Season 5. Critics believed that the rumors were part of a strategy to increase the channel views. The official channel also benefits from the rumors as the television rating point increases.

The hot issue was put out by cold water when John Witherspoon revealed the truth at the Rogan’s Podcast Show. For so long, this is the first and only official confirmation of the discontinuation of the series.

The show was eventually announced for a Season 5 on HBO Max last February 2020. From the announcement, it was revealed to have 24 episodes with a 55-minute running time each. It was also confirmed that McGruder returns as the executive producer of Season 5.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the premiere for the series is put on a later date. But, some trusted source spills it will air around the fall of 2020. There is no final release date yet as the coronavirus is still emergent. 

Aaron McGruder’s return to the media scene stirred up the public, especially the fans. According to some, it was like giving cold water to quench the thirst of a person. Fans and critics are not expecting much quality content but still, hope for a fun and enticing Season 5.’

The Boondocks Trailer

The official trailer for ‘The Boondocks Season 5’ is already out. You can watch the trailers online and on air. To stay updated, you can sign in and subscribe to HBO Max.

Some versions of the trailer can be seen on Youtube. It can also be refreshing to binge-watch the previous seasons again. Fans should make some noise for season 5 soon.

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