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Can AI Proctor detect Online Exam Cheating?

Can AI Proctor detect Online Exam Cheating?

The COVID-19 pandemic has made lockdowns mandatory across the globe. Educational, corporate and including many other sectors had to seize there regular activities, moving procedures such as recruitment, classes, assessments, and admissions to online mode.

Since the schools, colleges and universities are closed so the requirement for online exam software has greatly increased.

Online exams integrated with online proctoring software have suddenly become a trend across all educational institutions for conducting regular as well as entrance exams. One of the reasons for this rise in demand of online exam is COVID but another major reason is the security and efficiency that online examination system constitutes of.

What are Online Proctored Exams?

“A recent survey predicted that more than half of them (54%) were already using online or remote proctoring services and another 23% were planning or considering using them.”

Proctored exams are created, conducted and evaluated online with the help of online exam software and online proctoring software. Online proctored exams can be conducted from any remote location all it requires is a desktop/laptops and a constant internet connection.

What is AI proctoring?

Proctoring services are of three types-

Live Proctoring

In this a proctor is stationed at a remote location and his responsibility is to monitor up to 20 test taking candidates at once in a grid view. Cheat preventive features in this type of proctoring includes audio-video live view, audio-video recording, browser limitation, etc.

Live Proctoring

Recorded proctoring

In this type of proctoring the test takers activities and the entire test duration’s audio-video is recorded which is then analyzed by the proctor later. The proctor reviews all the recorded videos in fast forward mode and can monitor up to 20 candidates videos at once.

AI Proctoring

AI based proctoring is the most advanced form of proctoring. This type of proctoring detects any sort of malpractice during the ongoing test through facial recognition, device detection, detecting multiple people, and any other sort of distraction in the test takers environment is detected.

How effective is AI proctoring in detecting cheating during online exams?

AI proctoring also famously known as advanced automated proctoring is the most progressive method of proctoring online exam software based tests. By using this type of proctoring method with online tests the administrator gets multiple benefits such as audio-video recording of the test-taker’s activities, and advanced monitoring by raising red flags.

The AI proctoring service is cost-effective and requires no manual efforts. Also its feature of face recognition is quite credible and ensures the authenticity of the test takers identity in 3 step verification process.

Some of the other commendable features of AI proctoring are-

Pattern Recognition

Online proctoring software integrated with AI is efficient in detecting any sort of pattern in the behavior of test-taker which is an indicating the purpose of cheating. AI can easily detect such patterns but a human brain cannot.

Voice Recognition

This feature of AI proctoring constantly picks up any sort of sound in the test takers environment and verifies it with the background noise to detect any chances of cheating by recognizing the pattern of speech.

Conversion from speech to text

This is one of the most advanced forms of technology found in AI proctoring. It has the ability to convert verbal speech to written text which can be then referred by the system for monitoring.

Facial Recognition

This technology is capable of identifying any extra faces in the test-takers environment. In case any family member or friend is visible in the room then the test stops until that person is removed from the space.

Object Recognition

This feature can detect the permitted and non-permitted objects in the test-taker’s environment. So if the candidate is using mobile phone or is referring the books or even a small piece of paper then it can be detected easily as an unidentified object which must be removed immediately.

Eye Movement Detection

Online proctoring software with this feature helps to detect any sort of candidate’s misconduct by recognizing and confirming eye movement patterns.

How AI proctoring is enhancing the use of Online Examination System?

AI proctoring has brought a revolutionary change in the application of online examination system. It has increased its accuracy, scalability and credibility by far. AI proctoring holds the power to detect and alert any sort of cheating attempt which is not possible by a human brain and this has led to acceptance of online exams as offline exams lack this type of accuracy.

AI proctoring is a technology that gets bigger and better with its optimum use as with repetitive proctoring it gets more data points that increases its efficiency. It is the only technology that holds the power to eliminate manual efforts completely and still provide complete accuracy. AI is definitely the future of online exam software based tests and there is no other option than to adopt this super advanced technology.

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