Can You Dry Steel Toe Boots With a Portable Dryer

Dry Steel Toe Boots With a Portable Dryer

If you have a pair of steel toe boots and you’re thinking of throwing them in the dryer that would be a mistake. These shoes are made of leather and can easily get damaged when put in a machine dryer. Consider investing in a boot dryer for drying steel toe boots. Here is why you should not dry steel toe boots with a machine dryer and alternative ways to dry them without causing damage:

Why You Should Know Before Putting Your Steel Toe Boots in the Dryer

Putting your steel toe boots in a machine dryer will reduce their lifespan unless you’re using a boot dryer. A dryer uses heat to dry items, and that heat could be the worst thing on your boots. The extreme heat levels can rapidly age the material used to make the boots and can melt off the glue that holds the outsoles.

Most steel toe boots manufacturers recommend using cold water to clean the boots with mild soap and air drying them. Most leather boots were not made to withstand the extreme heat and constant turning that happens in a normal machine dryer. There is no guarantee the boots will come out of the dryer intact.

What Happens if You Put Steel Toe Boots in the Dryer

The outer layer of steel toe boots is made of leather. A dryer uses excessive hot air to dry items which can damage the natural fibers used to make the boot.

The result is your boots will become dehydrated. The outer layer will begin to crack and shrink, making the boots appear worn out. You also risk damaging your dryer because of the endless banging of steel that will occur.

Safe Ways to Dry Your Steel Toe Boots

Here are several ways to dry your steel toe boots safely to keep them dry and fresh:

Dry Them Naturally

The heat from the sun is great for drying wet steel toe boots. Place the boots in a slanted position by facing the shoe’s throat towards the sunlight. You can leave them there until they are completely dry.

If you want them to dry more quickly, reposition the boots from time to time so that all sides get exposed to sunlight. Avoid too much sun exposure because it could damage the leather material. If the sun is too hot, keep them in a well-ventilated place and let them air dry.

Use a Fan

Use a fan to dry your steel toe boots if it’s not very sunny or windy. A strong fan will blast air into the boots, helping them dry faster. Leave them overnight for the moisture to evaporate and dry completely. To effectively dry both shoes, use a large table fan that is wide enough. Clean the shoes well before switching on the fan.

If the insoles are removable, remove them and put them in front of the fan. You can also place the boots in the sun and put the fan in front of them for faster results.


Ball up newspapers and pack them inside the boots to absorb moisture hanging between the fibers and threads. If you don’t have newspapers, you can use paper towels or any porous, light paper that can suck moisture out.

Keep changing the paper towels or balls of newspapers after a few hours to get rid of all moisture. You can use the newspapers and a fan together to decrease the drying time.

Use a Boot Dryer

Boot dryers are specifically meant to dry boots. They come in different sizes and use everything from UV light to heat.

Unlike using a portable dryer that can damage the leather material of steel toe boots, boot dryers are electronic devices designed specifically to care for boots. They come with adjustable heat settings to select the right temperature for your type of boot.

Buy a Boot Dryer To Dry Your Steel Toe Boots

Investing in a boot dryer is the best way to dry your steel toe boots. Consider the features you need before shopping. If you love spending time outdoors, choose a dryer that you can take with you. Prioritize one that has attachments for accessories like mittens and gloves. A portable boot dryer will allow you to get the most enjoyment out of your steel toe boots without ruining the materials.

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