Can’t Part with Your Dog? How to Travel Cheap with Pets

Can’t Part with Your Dog

Looking for the most common hobbies people share? We can definitely consider traveling as one, but it can get expensive. On top of that, if you plan on traveling with your furry friend, you might just have to spend a bit extra in order to accommodate your dog in your travel plans.

Unfortunately, a lot of budget-friendly places are not pet-friendly. Flying with your dog is also not like a breeze. Hence, you do more work and pay more money to travel. Researching about your dog breed and how to make traveling easy with it from can really be a savior.

So, how do you travel with your pet without breaking your bank? Here are a few tricks we have shared with you below.

  1. It is Better to Plan a Road Trip:

A road trip is going to be economical and also hassle-free. Flight fare is going to be expensive as you have to get a ticket for yourself and also pay to carry your dog in the cargo. Not just that, you will have to get a travel crate for the dog. On top of that, your dog may undergo separation anxiety as it has to travel in the cargo area of the flight apart from you if it is not a support animal and is a large breed dog.

Hence, a much-preferred mode of travel is by your car. As you do not have to waste your time at the airport anymore and directly start your trip with your furry friend on the beach seat. Your dog will be much more comfortable this way, and you also get to take breaks. Another advantage is that you need not hire local transportation when you reach the destination as you already have your vehicle; hence, you will save more this way.

Do not forget to prep your dog for the travel, though. They need to practice traveling short distances first before you plan a long trip with your dog. Get a car seat for the dog for additional safety, and do not forget to buy a car seat belt for the dog. Keep your dog well hydrated throughout the journey and take short pee breaks along the way.

  1. Find Pet-Friendly Places:

A little research can help you find the right pet-friendly stays. Booking a pet-friendly hotel is an option, but we will recommend you to go for a stay at an Airbnb instead, as you get to book the entire place. Hotels usually charge extra for your pet and impose several constraints on the pet, which will restrict the stay. Instead, when you book an Airbnb which is pet friendly, there will be no additional charges, and your pet can be let off leash all the time. You will be able to enjoy the trip as much as your pet.

  1. Consider the Carrier:

If you own a small pet, you can still consider a pet carrier if the dog is allowed inside the cabin. Airlines have weight restrictions though adding the dog and the carrier weight; hence, choose a lightweight carrier that can secure your dog and meet the airline’s carrier size requirement.

As this is your carry-on item, therefore, find one with additional compartments to store any essentials you will need. The large carriers with heavy dogs need to go n the live cargo section, which can also be stressful to the dog and its owner. The carrier needs to be of good quality and locked well so that your dog does not escape. You have to train the dog to be comfortable inside the carrier a few weeks prior to the trip so that it feels comfortable throughout the journey.

  1. Visit the Vet:

Before you start the travel, a general check-up at the vet is a must to ensure your furry friend is healthy. In some cases, leaving your pup in the care of a dedicated puppy day care centre like this one is a better option – particularly for older dogs or those that aren’t fit for travel.

You do not want to travel with your pet if it is not fit. Your vet will give the clearance, and only then you should plan the trip. Especially if you are going to fly with your dog, a check-up is a must, as the airlines will also demand a pet fitness certificate from the doctor.

  1. Plan Much in Advance:

When you plan a trip much in advance, you will actually find cheaper flight tickets and accommodation. This can actually save a large sum and make the travel cheaper. Any last-minute trip planning is always going to be expensive, hence needs to be avoided.

  1. Pack Enough Snacks and Food:

When traveling with a pet, it is better to over-pack your snacks and pet food. If you extend your trip suddenly, then you might find it tough to figure out the exact type of dog food or treats that your pet eats, which could be more expensive. Hence, it is better to pack extra food and treats so that you don’t have to buy them from somewhere else. This will help you save money and get rid of any stress of finding the right food for your pet.

  1. Make a Pet-Friendly Itinerary:

While a few places let you take your furry friend, a few more places are absolutely restricted to pets. Instead of figuring this out there and wasting time, better learn about these things beforehand. This will save your time and money as you can really utilize your time finding places that allow your dog. You should also opt to find a pet recreation center so that you do not have to restrict yourself from visiting places just because you have got your furry friend along.

The Bottom Line:

Traveling with your pet is an experience you will always remember. Pets usually have shorter lifespan when compared with humans, hence they should live a full life. Taking them on vacations will ensure they get to experience different places and grab it all. When your pet enjoys the vacation, it will feel good as you have brought happiness to your devoted dog.

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