Careers That Stand the Test of Time

Careers That Stand the Test of Time

The past few years have taught us a lot about life and the ability to adapt to changes. One avenue that has been altered is our career choices. Although children and young adults are still encouraged to chase their dreams, more parents are attempting to steer their young ones toward sustainable career choices.

Certain jobs can last through anything and if you are in the following careers, you are truly an essential worker that will last. Here are a few careers that will stand the test of time.


Currently, there are almost 85 million teachers across the globe and the need for educators is increasingly growing. Experts estimate by 2030, there will be a global need for at least 68.8 million more teachers. Teaching is a career of passion. Those that love to teach can make it their lifelong career choice and even though it is a stressful job, the rewards are seemingly endless.

Although teaching has always been an essential career path, the rules of who can teach and where are completely different than they were 30 years ago. With growing popularity for online tutors and teachers of all types, those who have a desire to mold and grow the minds of others can do it from practically anywhere.  Teaching degrees are generally required for traditional institutions, but many online avenues allow for people with provable skills to teach without an actual degree. Teachers are and will always be needed no matter where the future takes us.


The justice system is set up in a way to dissolve disputes and make criminals pay for their actions. There are many areas of expertise within the justice system, but the cogwheel that makes it all tick are attorneys. Lawyers help negotiate legal entities in various sectors of the legal world. Real estate, criminal, civil, and various other legal avenues will always be a part of our society.

A career as a lawyer can be a difficult one to manage, but the rewards of helping others are endless. Attorneys can set up virtually anywhere and find avenues for a credible business model. Make no mistake about it, as long as society exists, there will be a need for a qualified lawyer. There are always going to be disputes among earth’s citizens that only a trained attorney can manage.

Healthcare Workers

Although healthcare workers have always been essential, it was only during the past few years that these individuals have been noted as true heroes. They have been on the front lines of the pandemic for its duration and this career choice is even in higher demand today. As of today, the healthcare industry is thriving with over 22 million workers and the sector takes up approximately 14% of all career paths.

The overall longevity of the need for healthcare workers lies in the abundance of opportunity within the sector. Those who have an interest within the healthcare industry have the chance to grow to unbelievable heights in their chosen path. Whether you choose to work with children as with pediatrics or desire to become a full anesthesiologist, the possibilities are endless. Healthcare workers are and forever will be necessary to keep us safe, healthy, and going on with our everyday lives. This career choice will never fade away.

Technology Sector

This chosen career path can be a difficult one to manage, but for technically minded people, it can also be remarkably rewarding. Technology changes almost on a daily basis and those who can keep up with the demands of this growing industry can enjoy almost endless opportunity to advance and grow. Technology runs virtually every part of our lives and is becoming even more important as even the vehicle industry is turning to EVs.

In the coming years we can expect the technology industry to grow by leaps and bounds as the traditional transportation model is being replaced with fuel efficient options. Typical mechanics are unable to facilitate the need of these technology based marvels and will ultimately turn to technicians to bring the automotive repair industry into the new age. Computers and technical devices are now stitched into the very fabric of our lives and if you have an interest in technology and how to fix it, you will never be without an available career path.

Finance Professional

Some individuals seem to have a knack for numbers and if this sounds like you, a career in the finance sector could be ideal. Financial advisers, bankers, accountants, and various other avenues are a great place to solidify a career in the financial world. No matter how far we go in the world, there will always be a place for people who know how to maintain accounts and offer financial advice.

Finance professionals have largely been a male dominated sector with roughly 73.6% men in these career roles. However, an increased demand for women financial professionals is driving the market in in new direction. Women are not the only ones thriving in the financial marketplace, but various ethnicities as well. 8.7% of all financial professionals are from Asian descent.

Funeral Director

Unfortunately, there is a statistic in life that no one wants to think about it. 100% of us will die at some point and the funeral director will be there to facilitate our proper burial. Funeral directors have been a part of society as long as people have been on the planet and these days, it is an excellent career path for those that have a good persona. People that thrive in this industry are those that have excellent people skills. Apart from making the body look good for their final appearance, a funeral director is often available to console and counsel family of the deceased.

Finding your ideal career path can be a challenge, but if you desire complete stability no matter the economic climate, these careers are rock solid. Take your time to examine your goals for life and see if they align with the requirements for these career opportunities. Solid careers such as these will be around for all of us and they need qualified individuals to fill available positions.


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