Cells at Work Season 2 Latest Updates: Characters, Plot, Release, and More

Cells at Work Season 2

Cells at Work! Also known as Hataraku Saibou is one of the hottest comedy anime television series based on a Japanese manga series by Akane Shimizu.

Soon after the release of the initial publication, David Production, an anime studio, found the manga series interesting and decided to make it into an anime television series.

In July 2018, Cells at Work Season 1 premiered successfully until September 2018. The collection series includes anthropogenic cells of a human body’s world together with 2 leading protagonists, red and white blood cells in constant action to keep it healthy.

The series immediately received positive and fun feedback from viewers as well as real-life doctors like Dr. Satoru Otsuka, a neurologist in practice saying that the accuracy of how the cells work in a person’s body is being presented well.

In response to the viewers’ positive reaction and reviews, David Production announced that the renewal of the series for season 2 is on the way and expected to be released this January 2021.

Here are some things you need to know on the television series that is actually unfolding inside of you and a bonus trailer for the most bizarre upcoming season!

Cells at Work Season 2 Latest Updates

The Plot

Cells At Work is an exciting and most fun way to get to know more about what is happening inside the human body. It is a tale of the human body which consists of an estimated 37 trillion cells that work hard to fight uninvited parasites from destroying or causing more damage to it. 

It is intently focused on the two protagonists cells in our body, the oxygen-carrier red blood cell  AE3803 and the all-out fighter white blood cell U-1146 that are constantly at work to keep our bodies stable and completely functional.

The characters are those cells that have been given their distinctive personalities and brilliant workload concept. Season1 left a great impression and recognition from viewers marking the next season Cells At Work Code Black as a long-awaited television series.

This time around, Cells At Work Code Black is expected to return with the same characters audience love from the first season and welcomes new characters that can continue their journey under a brand new condition. 

Every episode carries a dilemma and a sneak peek from the trailer tells us that the cells are threatened by the dengue virus as well as the most disturbing enemy of our faces, the acne.

The anime expected to make a comeback in January 2021 is one of the most relevant work for the producers of the series as we are all facing the COVID 19 pandemic and it could be one of the most bizarre and exciting ways to dig deeper into the battle that is unconsciously happening inside us.

Cells at Work Characters

Like any other anime television series, the main protagonists remain the same even with the second season coming.

The main protagonist like the Erythrocyte / Red Blood Cell (AE3803), who just started working as an oxygen and nutrients carrier all over the body, as well as, Neutrophil White Blood Cell (U-1146), whose job is to destroy pathogens causing damage to our bodies.

Erythrocyte / Red Blood Cell (AE3803) faced a bacterium attack when she was younger is voiced over by Kana Hanazawa while her savior Neutrophil White Blood Cell (U-1146) is voiced by  Tomoaki Maeno.

Other central characters that are also highlighted throughout the season are Killer T-Cells and Macrophage. Daisuke Ono as Killer T-Cell is another white blood cell that works under an elite killer division while Kikuko Inoue as Macrophage works as a cleaner removing dead blood cells from the bloodstream.

However, Code Black brings us quite a spin twist with the main characters. Their work and never-ending duties may stay the same but the characters are shown in the light of reversal featuring a man Red Blood Cell and a sexy female fighter White Blood Cell. 

We can also predict that there are new characters we will be welcoming in the second season to spice and create a more thrilling animation for the upcoming season this January 2021.

Season 2 Spoilers

Cells At Work: Code Black presents us with an unhealthy and problematic health condition that gives our reverse protagonist a never-ending problem and duty to work until they drop and to keep fighting in order to overcome such a crisis the body is facing.

It highlights an adult body featuring smoking, alcohol, stress, STD, and even acne problems. 

Cells at Work Season 2 Release Date

The adapted anime television series by David Production was released last June to September 2018. Recently, the second season for Cells At Work: Code Black is scheduled to premiere this coming January 2021, winter anime season 2021 although the exact date of release has not yet been confirmed.

Cells At Work! Code Black Official Trailer

The makers of the collection recently updated us with an official trailer where we can foretell the happenings of the upcoming season.

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