Know about Chrissy Chabert, Lacey Chabert’s sister


Once a particular person becomes famous, those around him/her, especially close relatives get to enjoy part of the fame, and they automatically become popular as well. Chrissy Chabert is one of those who became famous because of her sister, Lacey Chabert.

Chrissy Chabert’s Family

Chrissy Chabert was born on 20th November 1978 in Purvis, Mississippi to Julie Chabert and Tony Chabert. Her ancestry was a mixture of Cajun, Italian, English, and Scottish. She had one elder sister, Wendy Chabert, born in 1975. Chrissy has two younger siblings, a sister Lacey Nicole Chabert, born on September 30, 1982, and a brother, Tony J. Chabert.

Wendy Chabert was an American model and social media influencer who married Shane Riggio, an American YouTube content creator. The couple had two sons. Unfortunately, Wendy died on 24th November 2021. The cause of her death remains a mystery. However, it is alleged that she died in a car accident but these rumors have not been confirmed.

Chrissy has lived a very private life and it is known that she is married to a man known as Mr. Taylor. The couple has two sons together, Max and Ethan Taylor. On December 22, 2013, Lacey Chabert married her long-time boyfriend, David Nehdar, a businessman. Lacey gave birth to their daughter Julia Mimi Bella Nehdar in September 2016.

Chrissy Chabert’s Net Worth

Chrissy Chabert has been enjoying her sister’s fame and yet keeping her personal life hidden under wraps. There is very little information available about her on the web but it is known that she is very close to her superstar sister. She worked for some time as a chef and restaurateur and was supported by Lacey when she opened her restaurant. Crissy also acted as Lacey’s maid of honor at her wedding.

Lacey Chabert is an American actress. She began her acting career as a child actor and has been in the entertainment industry for over two decades. One of her first roles was playing Erica Kane’s daughter on All My Children. She gained prominence as a child actress on television for her role as Claudia Salinger in the Fox television drama Party of Five. She has appeared in over 30 Hallmark Channel movies and has been referred to as the ‘Queen of Hallmark Christmas Movies’ by The New York Post and other media sources. Some of her most notable awards include a Young Artist Award, a Behind the Voice Actors Award, and several DVDX Awards.

Hallmark Channel has called Lacey “one of the best young actresses of her generation.” She has been featured in blogs and magazines such as Saturday Night, Stuff, People, Entertainment Weekly, and Maxim. Apart from her acting career, Lacey also provided her voice for several shows. In September 2022, she launched her apparel line with the home shopping television network HSN called the “Lacey Chabert Collection.” She has a net worth of $6 million.

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