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Different things you can do with iPhones and iPads

Top iPhone & iPad Features

Even though millions of people use iPhones and iPads, they are not aware of the amazing little features of these devices. Apple had launched these devices several years ago.

However, their usefulness has taken a leap over the years. Apple keeps adding new features to its gadgets every now & then. With relevant iPhone warranty, you can get the most out of your device.

Top iPhone & iPad Features to Know About

Thus, by pushing the boundaries of what a mobile operating system can do has added to the extensibility and continuity of these devices. If you own an iPad or an iPhone, here are some amazing features you need to know about.

  • Location Tracking with iPhone

Yes it’s a fact that your gadget can track your location since you have activated it. When you wish to ensure location tracking on your device, you can head to the Settings section on your phone.

Location Tracking with iPhone

Then, advance to the Privacy section and access the Location services. After this, select the “Frequent Locations” icon. Hence, you can see the complete location history of wherever you have been to.

  • Virtual Touchpad for iPad

iPad uses a distinct feature called virtual touchpad which makes your work easier. Like if you use your fingers for selecting the text, it might be harder. Here Virtual touchpad comes into picture.

When the option “Onscreen Keyboard” is displayed, you can activate the same by pressing it down on the given keyboard. Eventually, the keys will vanish and serve the role of a touchpad. This will help in making the cursor move around precisely and quickly.

  • Using iPhone Without the Power Button

Another unique feature of the iPhone is that you can use the same without a power button. Yes you can go to settings, then general and then accessibility. As such, the Assistive Touch can be enabled if by any chance your power button breaks down.

On the iPhone screen, a small icon will appear. This will eventually lock the phone without the requirement of touching the same physically. The phone will get on automatically without the power button also –upon putting the same on a charger. For maximizing the overall usability of your device, you should seek services from a reliable cell phone insurance provider.

  • Using Inverted Colors on iPad

Reading with black text on a white background in your iPad especially at night can strain your eyes. So better put colours on your iPad. Once you go to settings, enable general and then accessibility and toggle on inverted colors.

Once done with this if you want to darken the text, go to settings and select general. Then, advance to accessibility and lastly, increase contrast. Done with all this, you can toggle on the option to reduce transparency and the color can be darkened if desired.

  • Airplane Mode for iPhone

With an iPhone handy you can save your battery life for a longer period of time by putting it on Airplane mode as in when required. The given functionality allows you to charge the device quickly.

So airplane mode is not just for when you are flying. Quicker and reliable services have so easily been enabled for better productivity of your iPhone.

  • Voice Detection on iPad

People who are not so great on typing on screen, here is a solution for you to make your life easier. The voice detection app on your iPad is here to help. You can use Siri to dictate a text message with a command of “Send text message” to a person’s name.

You can even dictate a note for yourself using the voice detection app by just asking Siri to “Make a note.” You can save the same in the respective Notes application.  Siri can be the friend you never had, and make things easier.

  • Spotting Popular Apps Using iPhone

With the help of an option of the app “Near Me” in your iPhone, you can know about the most popular apps in your area immediately. If you are in a new area, you can get accessibility to the local news and local bus routes of the area, which can be of great help.

  • Flagship App for iPad

Photos are no longer just photos in our lives. They are the memories we create every day. Keeping this in mind, the iPad has a great feature of editing photos. You can edit the photos in the Flagship App between edited and the unedited version of a photo. This way, you can enhance the original photo into a better version of the original with effects.


Now that you are aware of the unique functionalities that your smart devices can offer, you should safeguard the same with the help of reliable iPhone warranty or iPad insurance.


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