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Digital Marketing Ideas To Consider During The COVID Times

Digital Marketing Ideas

Businesses are going through a tough time. The onset of the deadly Coronavirus and its medical repercussions leave a large community impact that has its visible economic downsides. Over the course of a few months, it has left every facet of commerce into a mode of indecision and uncertainty.

It has been some time for businesses that survived lockdowns to try and get back on the track, but most of them are just not able to tune in with the new normal. The most pertinent reason should be to confuse the COVID phase with the times of fiscally rooted global recession and economic slump that we witnessed during 2009.

It is much different from that as people are not fearing business and are ready to create, process, and consume value. But they have the physical limitations and reservations due to the fear of contamination and the much-anticipated medical emergency connected with that. This is keeping them close to their homes and going with conservative and restricted choices of doing business.

With this, the cycle of production and trade has been affected due to the lack of supplies and unavailable workforce. But, as we see now, that is steadily coming back to track as governments are extending aids and unlocking trade practices to help businesses settle back. With this, the sentiments are steadily getting back in favor of trade.

However, again in this whole process, most businesses are not able to sense the market tendency. They are still chasing to be in the same place as they were before and want to pick from the spot where they left. That is why Home Service Direct first educates the client on all the new options and possibilities and after that creates a plan for success.

Now, the act of trade today is demanding a different way of communication. It has different challenges and possibilities lying ahead which need to be dealt with a different plan and course of action. You have to do it more digitally and keep up with the alternate course of engagement and acquisition.

Whether or not it is an online business, you have to carve your way through the digital media and be active on social channels. As most of the user activities and service events have shifted to digital platforms due to the lack of physical motion. This requires you to adopt digital marketing practices that resonate with user sentiments and induce growth in such a scenario.

As you move ahead in the direction, here are some digital marketing ideas that should keep you following the right suit.

Digital Marketing Ideas

1. Get found online

Being present online and being found online are two different things. If you have a website or a business profile that is not promoted online or worked on to get proper visibility, it is not going to help much. And this makes much more sense now, as people are spending more time online and are finding their source of information, entertainment, solution, and value across digital networks.

Anything that is placed online right now has more chances of getting consumed than ever. So, it is only advisable to plan your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Content Marketing strategy to get higher ranks of search results and better reach across social networks. This is surely going to benefit you in getting found online and getting to acquire better digital value to level your game in the times of pandemic.

2. Connect with your customers

This is the time when you should be connecting with your users and make them feel cared for and served. This is not the time to be salesy or to pitch plans, but to show some empathy and act more sensitive about their needs. Try to talk about the prevailing issues and give them a solution that has popped due to the COVID situation. Plan your efforts around this on social media.

You can build a community event, hire a brand ambassador agency, or create a page that helps the unemployed or the people who need medical support to connect with any possible and available aid. You can make it sound more relevant by keeping it close to your set of offerings, values, and ideas that your business is known to endorse. This would get you a real and effective engagement that establishes a connect that goes far in building your relationship with the customer.

3. Get your customers to enjoy more privileges

The times of COVID have made everyone’s budget to fall. Dispensable incomes, buying capacity, and spending habits of people are at their all-time low figures. Which makes this the time when you should think about offering more value to your customers. Offer them deals that are easy for them to grab and don’t make them fall into a decision loop.

Get them to enjoy special discounts, attractive rebates, and rewarding offers that get them more reasons to buy the product or service and get more value for money. These privileged offers put you ahead and above all the competitors as you get to tap the point of inducement that works with 90% users and drives direct and impulsive decisions. More so, when such conditions prevail.

4. Go local with your efforts

The last few months have kept people close to their homes. And this is going to continue as most of us are working from home and choose to be there till the conditions get favorable for social realignment.

Also, as most of the services, vendors, and markets are now operating within the native arrangements, local ecosystems are gaining more likability and importance. Expect this to be on a rise as you see this taking a more evident shape. Here, exploring this opportunity, you can work on local SEO strategies leveraging nearby searches.

This includes optimizing your offerings with location keywords, using native lingos, appearing on geo listings, and adopting local optimization practices. Here, try to make it more locally relevant with your pitch and offering.

5. Don’t be in a panic mode

In the prevailing times, you may see most of the business going into the panic mode due to the widespread Coronavirus hysteria. This is definitely the time to be vigilant but not to be dreaded for sure.

When most of the governments have already unlocked and let businesses operate freely and are supporting them with different aids, you should too take the positive step ahead and be optimistic and feel confident about your moves. Prepare a going-ahead digital marketing strategy that responds to the changing times and trends.

Always be watchful of the fluctuations and shifts that may come your way and finetune and improvise your online marketing plans according to the situation. Here, you can get great help with data analytics and performance metrics to get your calculations and strategies in place.

6. Work on your go-ahead plans

This is the time when you get to sit back and think about alternate plans and new ways to respond to the new situation. Many of the previous marketing practices and tactics may not be relevant today and need to be reworked and replaced by alternative strategies and action plans.

So, it makes more sense now to create a new roadmap that can get you a parallel stream of possibilities that are better suited to serve your customers in the current situation. You can work on getting a fresh audit done for SEO and figure out new SMO (Social Media Optimization) plans.

While doing this, you should get the CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) of your online business done. Also, you should consider reworking on your communication pitch to maximize the user response, engagement, and conversion. Here, at its core, self-improvement and reassessment are the key factors that should help you makeshift and realign with your customers as you go ahead with your post-pandemic plans.


This is not the time to go overboard with your plans but to steadily carve your way out of the situation. These ideas can be quite helpful in getting your business to get a better way forward to keep up with the changed scenario.

Going with the new digital plans or revamping your existing ones can be challenging and tricky and can put you in a difficult situation when not planned and applied right. So, it is always advisable to go with a digital marketing services company or a digital marketing expert who take you through the right course of events and implement best practices to get you the best digital value through the phase of COVID.

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