Do I Need a USA-Based Immigration Lawyer?

USA-Based Immigration Lawye

US immigration law is complex for most people to understand. Hiring an attorney to get UK visa advice in the USA saves you time, money, and aggravation. Skipping on advice from a lawyer could mean the difference between deportation and permanent residency. Here are a few scenarios where you should or should not call an immigration lawyer.

When to Call an Immigration Lawyer

Crime Conviction

Applicants convicted of a crime should work with an immigration lawyer. Individuals who have been in court deportation proceedings that are on appeal or not yet complete cannot use similar application avenues as others. They should disclose in the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) form if they have been guilty of a crime in the past.

The applicant also needs to reveal their whole criminal record for charges dropped. An immigration lawyer knows how criminal and immigration laws overrun one another, removing the need for a criminal defense attorney.

Application Dismissal

There are several reasons to hire an immigration lawyer after application dismissal. Possible examples for rejection are financial instability that may qualify an individual to be considered a probable public charge or be found guilty of a crime.

If an individual falls under this category, their application will likely be denied. A lawyer will determine if it’s within reason to appeal the application. If not, they will advise the applicant to reapply at another time.

Prior Deportation

An applicant who has previously been denied entry to the United States, or deported from the United States, should hire an attorney. Exclusion or deportation could mean that the applicant has been banned permanently from making future applications.

A lawyer will help determine the reason behind their application denial and advise the applicant about the effects of exclusion and deportation. Note that all removals don’t always lead to a permanent ban on immigration.

Confusion Over Available Options

An employer looking to hire a skilled worker or a skilled worker looking for employment could qualify for multiple types of green cards or visas. Knowing which is best, or which would be processed fastest, can be a challenge.

By hiring an immigration attorney, the worker and the employer can decide which visa suits the worker’s qualifications and the employer’s needs. The more advantageous or faster visa depends on processing times, procedures, and government fees.

Unexpected Delays

An applicant may wait for a long time after submitting an application. If that’s the case, hire an immigration attorney. They know the expected wait times and deadlines. A reputable attorney will have a good relationship will the USCIS to help speed up the decision on the application.

Terminated Marriage

If an applicant was married to a citizen of the United States, but the marriage ended before they could get permanent resident status, they may need to hire an attorney. Visa applications centered on marriage are collectively filed. If the marriage ended because of the death or divorce, it could be hard to prove that it wasn’t a deceptive marriage.

Lack of Time to Deal with the Paperwork

US immigration applications require the applicant to gather documents and fill out forms to prove their eligibility. The applicant should follow detailed instructions when doing so. A single mistake could result in the delay or rejection of their application.

Hiring an immigration lawyer is the best alternative to avoid dealing with the paperwork. They have the knowledge needed to complete and compile the applications thoroughly.

Immigration lawyers use computer software to generate information in an instant. Hiring an attorney is worth the peace of mind you get knowing the application is complete.

A Child Below 21 Years

A common scenario is when someone immigrates with their family and has a child who has not yet reached the age of 21 before getting permanent residence status. Acquiring a green card via employment means that the applicant’s spouse and children below 21 are eligible for green cards. If that’s the case, talk to an attorney to know the best way to process the paperwork.

Things That Immigration Attorneys Don’t Do

Not all immigration matters require the attention of an immigration lawyer. Individuals who wish to go to the United States for 90 days may not need any visa. Still, they could require a visa if they are from countries that need to visit on the Visa waiver program.

Immigration lawyers cannot take part in consular interviews with overseas applicants. They can prepare the needed paperwork and communicate later with participating consulates. Lawyers cannot guarantee the results or speed up the immigration process. They offer guidance during the process but can’t control the outcome.

Choose the Best Immigration Lawyer for UK Visa Advice in the USA

Look for an experienced immigration lawyer for UK visa advice in the USA. One innocent or small mistake could lead to denial of the application or even deportation. A reputable immigration lawyer will help determine the best type of visa to choose. They will also remedy any issues that may come up and offer representation in court if needed.

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