Does Google Pixel Work with Apple Watch?

Google Pixel Work with Apple Watch

Google I/O 2022 came up with so many hardware announcements, and it also came with one of the awaiting features that we wanted for so long. Yes. It is about the watch named Google Pixel. And now, it has an expectation of being released this fall. This upcoming device will be packed with many features like health tracking, fitness, controlling functions for the Google Home app, Google Assistant, and many more.

So if you are looking for a watch for Google Pixel, don’t keep your hopes if you are an iPhone user because this watch won’t work with any iOS device. It may be sad news to hear, but it keeps up a trend of not being compatible with any iOS device, and there is a possibility of having that same compatibility issue with their upcoming OS 3 smartwatches as well.

There was a teaser video released about this new release of the Google Pixel, and it mentioned that it would run for the devices that have Android 8.0 and the upper operating systems.

Why Does Google Pixel Don’t Work with Apple?

As per this latest announcement, many were surprised by this new decision, but we think this goes the same for the Apple devices theory. Any of the apple watches are not working with android phones, so the Google Pixel may have decided to introduce a new solution to those android devices. Since Apple is locking every feature, they release for their own devices; this might not be a huge surprise.

Another reason that may be affected by this decision of Google may be due to the open platform features of the Android devices. Anybody can use this android platform at any time, and if they want, they can even make modifications to it. Apple has the capacity to give the Apple watch to work with android, but it makes a user buy an iPhone to enjoy every feature and to be smooth on them.

On the other hand, we see that Galaxy Watch 4 from Samsun is the only one that goes with the Wear OS 3, and we know that it is also doesn’t compatible with the iPhone. So a real change was made to the OS watches chain to work with iOS that worked in the past. In fact, using android smartwatches on your iPhone doesn’t give you a smooth experience as it will lag the notifications and make some tracking features not work accurately. So Google may really want to change this situation, and they may have decided to give a better user experience for android users with this pixel watch.

Features of the Google Pixel Watch

Per the teaser it released, this watch will be the most iconic wear you can have, and it will be very amazing from its look for android phone users to wear as a wearable. It seems like they have taken the designs of the Apple watch head, but it will be different from its round face. This product is going to be a lightweight one for the convenience of all the users. Google Pixel is not all about its look and design.

An exterior design comes along with this watch to match all the internal hardware and software, and its user interface will work even great for a small screen. It may be somewhat challenging to pair and unpair with the movement of your phone as it will require this watch to be fully reset. So it makes the users to be troubled over reinstalling all the apps and setting up a new phone.

We don’t see a great life for the Google pixel watch, but it will last for a considerable amount of time to make it manageable for a user. The battery of the Google Pixel will last over 18 to 20 hours.

Google is planning to add a fit bit integration for this new watch, and we still don’t know how it will exactly look alike. But it is very sure how well those features can be great for a user. Every Google feature, program, and software will be on your hand with this pixel watch, and there will also be Google assistant commands. Users can use make calls, use the Google voice, send voice notes and use the Gmail functions, so it will not be a more complex place to experience all of the Google features you want.

When talking about the price of this Google Pixel watch, it will be not so high and will be affordable for any. But it doesn’t mean that it will be a cheap watch, and based on the features this product comes with, the price will be fair for every user.

If we talk about the software side of the pixel watch, it will come with the SoundCloud and Deezer soon, and there will be some other important joining like Spotify, Kakao Talk, and also the Adidas running. It is already planned to bring the emergency SOS to the watch, so you will be able to contact a loyal friend or a relative quickly when there is an emergency by using only your watch. Not many technical details are revealed about the product, but it is expected to have some of the coolest features to enhance the user experience.

We still don’t know when this product will be out, and it will have the same prototype as described in April. Since most of the smartwatches are going along with traditional and the same features with the same modes, this will be a difference, and the screen you see here will curve down with its surrounding sides as well.


So that is all we can say about the Google Pixel watch with its latest features, and we really hope this will be excellent support for Android users. Since every cool feature is only added for the iOS devices, this one will be great news for all the Android lovers, and it will be a real appreciation for all of them with the most remarkable features added.

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