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E-commerce Software Development Trends

Ecommerce Software Development

Digital transformation has reshaped our environment, and it is still reshaping different aspects of our daily living, including e-commerce, manufacturing, social interactions, etc.

Let’s talk specifically about E-commerce development in digital transformation. It is trying to take center stage in the individual’s lives, and it is also trying to redefine how a business needs to be done or accomplish tasks quickly.

As a result, hundreds of trends in e-commerce have gone, and hundreds are coming as future predicted trends. But in this article, we will try to examine those trends that are primarily popular in 2021 of e-commerce software development.

Popular E-commerce Software Development Trends

This is one of the likely and most popular trends of not just 2020 but also of 2021. According to Statista, the revenue generated by the global market for IoT in the year 2025 is a minimum of $1.6 trillion due to its adoption.

With the help of IoT, most businesses can try to manage their inventory systems quickly and easily, prevent the breakdown of valuable equipment, reduce the prices of operations, etc.

  • Retail Software Solutions

In this modern age of digitization, retail stores are necessary for delivering exciting and exceptional customer experiences.

In addition, it is required for managing processes of stores and automate so many manual operations. Therefore, retail software development is the best decision for companies of any size that needs to be adopted as quickly as possible to become more competitive?

  • Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

This is the most growing trend of 2021 because it is more beneficial, cost-effective, and simple as compared to native apps. The websites and so many other devices have made it an easier trend to be adopted quickly for e-commerce to thrive.

Progressive Web Apps are a combination of web and mobile, and these apps are giving entrepreneurs benefits like mobile traffic increase, average session increase, average conversion increase, and increase in engagement.

  • Big Data

The usage of big data and its increase in 2021 is worth taking even in the future decade. Insignificant data trends, valuable data or information is collected from the ability to visualize, store, and capture big data or a massive amount of data. Still, this data will be included as raw data.

The primary or needed information is collected using various methods and means, including surveys, online archives, mobile/web apps, corporate sources, emails, audio/video records, intelligent phones, reviews, etc.

  • IT outsourcing

IT outsourcing, its name depicts its meaning, usage, and purpose is growing with a massive amount. The primary thing about this trend is the demand for optimization of millions of businesses and their processes.

  • The Rising Demand for Python

Python is one of the most effective, most demanding, simple, easy, and lovely programming languages that many developers do not just love but also consistent. Different analytical data also show that Python is the only programming language growing so fast due to its ease. In addition, the demand for machine learning trend is also evoking this language.

  • 5G

This trend is hitting the software development and e-commerce world in 2021. This technology trend is enhancing wireless communication by providing faster downloads and uploads speed and good mobile broadband to the mobile users for providing them with an improved network experience and optimized speed.

  • To Buy Or To Build

There are many businesses that build software for others on a grand scale. This means multiple eCommerce businesses can pick up this software and use it. However, it might not be perfectly right for each business in question. Some businesses will buy this software. Usually, they’re new businesses or even startups, while businesses that have been around for longer might have more of an inclination to purchase bespoke software made for them.

Thinking about the problem of build vs buy software can take up a lot of time. Essentially, you need to assess your business needs. Can you make do with software off the shelf or do you need something a bit more robust. It depends how different and unique your business is, as well as what kind of niche your business actually operates within.

You don’t want to end up buying existing software only to build your own down the line, so make sure you ask for a demo first and right then you’ll be able to see whether its right for you or not.


The e-commerce evolution in the digitization world in the last few years has given us a lot of trends to see. Of course, some of the trends have faded away, but most are going to be trendy in the future decades due to their progress in future. But the trends as mentioned above for 2021 are going to revolutionize the world of digitization and software development even after a decade too because many of the trends are long-lasting.

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