Easy Ways To Remove Scratches Out Of Glass Windows

Remove Scratches Out Of Glass Windows

Glass is tougher than you think, but from time to time we find ourselves noticing scuff’s or scratches on our windows and wondering if it can be removed? In this article, we are going to look into how you can easily remove the scratches from your glass windows, doors or other panels.

Firstly, we need to examine the glass and the damage to make sure it’s something that can be removed without causing further damage or wasting our time. Check to ensure it is actually glass that’s scratched.

I’ve gone to many customers homes to quote glass scratch removal only to find the glass is tinted and the scratch, well it’s on the tint. To check if the glass is tinted use a car key or similar and lightly scratch with little force on an unnoticeable edge, if it leaves a mark with little force chances are its tinted. Replacing the tint will fix your scratch.

Another issue we need to address is energy-efficient glass or LOW E glass. This glass has a coating on the internal side that can’t be polished without damage. LOW E glass has a light white haze in direct sunlight and is also not as smooth to the touch. Feel both sides of the glass and if the internal side feels different and there is a light haze in sunlight you might want to contact a professional or your glass installers before going ahead. If the glass is over 10 years old, it’s unlikely to be LOW E.

Now look at the scratch and run your fingernail over it as to pick at it, if the scratch catches your fingernail you won’t be able to completely remove the scratch without sanding the glass, Sanding the glass is a skill that requires years of experience to master and it’s best left to the professionals, however, you can always reduce the appearance of a scratch with polishing so it might still be worth a shot if it’s not too deep. Scratches that don’t catch your fingernail can be polished with good results.

For polishing, you’re going to require some tools. You can polish by hand but it’s extremely laborious and time-consuming. A drill with a foam pad attached or a polishing machine like a floor sander with a foam pad works best. If trying to polish by hand a microfiber is ideal.

Now you require some polish, Cerium Oxide or similar is the best polishing powder for glass scratch removal, this can be purchased from gemstone equipment suppliers or even eBay. Alternatively, any liquid abrasive that is smooth to the touch like toothpaste or car polish will get some results but take longer to achieve.

Now using your polishing pad on your machine apply about a tablespoon of your polish and work into the pad, once it has soaked into the pad a little sit your pad flat on the glass and use low pressure and a low-speed work over the scratch in a grid pattern. Constantly check the glass to ensure it’s not hot, heating the glass risks cracking it and the glass should get warm but never be too hot to hold your hand on for any period of time.

Keep working over the scratch and applying more polish as required, it could take 5 minutes or 5 hours depending on the depth, equipment and polish being used. Generally, 80% of the results will appear in the first 10 passes and after this, if no noticeable results have been achieved then it might be time to get a professional scratch removalist or look into replacing the glass.

There are scratch removal kits available online but unless you have had some experience in a similar industry, I would recommend leaving it to the glass scratch repair professionals. Polish away and hopefully you can remove that scratch that bugs you without spending too much money! Best of luck.

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