Eddie Murphy’s Net Worth, How Much Is Eddie Murphy Worth

Eddie Murphy's Net Worth

Besides action, thriller, suspense, drama, comedy is also one such genre that keeps the audience entertained with immense laughter. In short, a movie seems dull if there is no humor or the presence of any actor in a comic role. Comedians are equivalent to making a film worth watching for their stupendous and rib-tickling humor acts. Making the audience laugh is a gifted quality of an actor.

One such big example is Eddie Murphy. This actor is a well-known figure in Hollywood cinema and is listed among the best comedians in the entertainment world. Eddie is credited for bringing a heavy dose of laughter in the films he acted in during the 1980s. 

This comedian garnered much attention as a standup comedian but seems his fate stored big global fame in his entertainment career. Eddie earned his fame as an actor with the highest-grossing ranking in Hollywood. 

It is hard to forget his voice-over for the character of donkey in the movie, Shrek. Now, it seems intriguing to know more about his life, career, his total earning, and other interesting facts. So join me in this article and know about this iconic actor who made everyone laugh. 

Personal Details 

Full Name:Edward Regan Murphy
Stage Name:Eddie Murphy
Birthday:3rd April 1961
Place Of Origin:Brooklyn, New York, United States
Age:59 years old
Height:5 ft. 7 inches
Weight:77 kg
Sexual orientation: Straight
Spouse:Nicole Mitchell Murphy
Profession:Actor, comedian & singer
Total Net Worth:$200 million

How much Eddy Murphy net worth

Early Life

Eddie was born in 1961, in the United States. He got his gene of acting from his father who was also an actor in the comic genre. His mother did a job in the telephone exchange. Eddie and his brother never had a blissful childhood. 

At a very tender age his father passed away, and his mother suffered from illness. The circumstances prompted little Eddie and his sibling to foster care. His mother made recovery after and had a second marriage. 

The upbringing of a comedian actor by his parents took place in New York. It was during that time when the bug of comic acting bit him. Eddie used to write the script and did performances by himself. He was much influenced by an iconic American comedian, Bill Cosby. 

Eddie made a remarkable contribution in uplifting a show when it was passing through a fall in ratings. The show was Saturday Night Live. With the help of Eddie, the show picked up with good ratings and became a major hit. Eddie was merely nineteen years old at that time. 

Personal Life

Besides being a successful comedian, Eddie had also romanced several women in his life. He is even the father to children from one of his affairs. Eddie’s relation with these women did not remain for a long time. It all ended in divorce. The Hollywood famous comedian is the father of nine children and is currently linked with a model, with whom he has a daughter. 


At present, Eddie is fifty-nine years old, weighing seventy-seven kg. He stands around at an average height of five feet seven inches. 


During the 1980s, Eddie had made his debut on a television show, Saturday’s Night Live, and is known to have elevated the ratings of the show, from falling. He was too young then. The next big project that came in for Eddie was 48 Hrs, an action-comedy packed film of the 1980s. 

Experiencing a successful beginning in the career, Eddie appeared in more blockbusters including Harlem Nights, and another sequel of his first movie. He also played a cop in the movie, Beverly Hills Cop

After venturing into the 90s decade, Eddie lost his pace with some movies that failed at the box office. However, the comedian-actor reinstated his falling success graph with an array of movies of family viewing. 

One such include Mulan and Nutty Professor. Eddie re-established his comedy talent with the follow-up series of movie Shrek. He voiced the donkey character in the animated film. Other than the Shrek series, Eddie also showed his acting prowess in the movie, Dreamgirls, for which he was nominated and won a prestigious award. 

Besides acting, Eddie also became director-producer for films like Harlem Nights. Other than Shrek, he also acted in a series of Beverly Hills Cop, as a cop. The latest 4th sequel is also lined up for release in the coming time. Two years back, there came an announcement of Eddie starring in a movie called Coming To America

Failed In Music

Apart from acting, Eddie also experimented with his career in music with some of his albums that came during the 80s and 90s. But unfortunately, he failed in accomplishing being a singer due to repeated flops. 

Getting eclipsed by his television and film career is also one of the reasons for his failure in the musical stream. His songs even got a bad reputation of being too pathetic to listen to. 


Owing to his talent for comedy, Eddie became a recipient of many prestigious awards including the Golden Globe Award, and Grammy (one each). 


Eddie has garnered much fame in his long entertainment career as a comedian. He even tried his luck in the music field with songs like Enough is Enough, and No More Tears. Eddie also made his presence in the music video ‘Remember The Time’ with late American singer and dancer, Michael Jackson. 

But besides this, he is also known for his noble cause in making contributions via donation in multiple healthcare centers (AIDS & Cancer), and other organizations related to arts, education, health, and charity. Eddie even donated a big amount to a relief fund, and for the national historical park of American Baptist minister, Martin Luther King, Jr. 

Net Worth Of Eddie Murphy

According to 2021, the estimated net worth of talented comedian and producer Eddie Murphy is around $200 million. He has earned his fortune through his successful fate in the entertainment world. 

Ending Note

Eddie has made a remarkable mark in the Hollywood cinema as a successful comedian actor. At a very young age of 19 years, he made the ratings of the SNL show steep upwards. It would be right to consider him as a powerhouse of talent and influential for all the budding comedians. His presence in films will always make his fans crave to have more of him.

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