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When you can perceive the world beyond the lenses of gender, cast, creed, race, the artist in you is born. Art is what sets you free and helps you discover the world from an alternate vision. Elton John is one such artist who’s redefined love with his music and his life itself. He is one the most celebrated singers of the world and an inspiration for people from all walks of life.

Personal details

Full Name:Reginald Kenneth Dwight
Stage Name:Sir Elton Hercules John
Birthday:25 March 1947
Place Of Origin:Pinner, Middlesex, England
Age:73 years old
Weight:87 kgs
Sexual orientation: Homosexual
Spouse:Renate Blauel (separated)

David Furnish 

Profession:  Singer, Song writer, pianist, composer
Total Net Worth:$500 million

How much Elton John's Net Worth

Early life

Reginald Kenneth Dwight, more famously known as Elton John (Sir Elton Hercules John) was born on the 25th of March, 1947, in Pinner, Middlesex, England, to Sheila Eileen and Stanley Dwight. He was brought up by his grandparents and attained his school education from Pinner.

When he tried pursuing a career in music, his father, who was a flight lieutenant, advised him to choose a rather safe career option like banking. However, Elton was determined and did not let the opinion of others deter him from his love for music. He started by playing his grandmother’s piano, which to everyone’s surprise, he played quite well and was therefore admitted for formal piano training. He started training at the age of seven and soon mastered several songs. He loved playing Frederik Chopin and Johanne Sebestian Bach.

Personal life

John exchanged rings with his secretary Linda Woodrow in 1960. It is said that two weeks before the couple was supposed to get married, John ended the relationship with Linda. In the year 1970, Elton John met John Reid in Los Angeles. It was the first gay relationship of his life. John Reid was Tamla Motown label manager for the UK. He soon became Elton’s manager and served him for 28 years, despite the fact that their relationship lasted only five years.

On the Valentine’s of 1984, Elton John married Renate Blauel. The relationship ended in 1988. However, Blauel shared how she contemplated suicide during their honeymoon. In 1993, he started dating David Furnish. The couple announced a civil partnership on the 21st of December 2005. In the 2014, they hot married after homosexual marriage became legal. The couple even has two sons born through surrogacy, Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John and Elijah Joseph Daniel Furnish-John.


Elton John weighs 87 kgs and is 1.72 m tall. He has blue eyes and red hair.


He started playing at a pub near his house at the age of 15. He played Jim Reeves and Ray Charles and wore horn rimmed glasses to resemble Buddy Holly. He used “Reggie” as his stage name. He formed a band along with his friends in 1962. The band was called Blueslogy and mainly played R&B music. In 1966, the band started playing for Long John Baldry. This association got him to sing around 18 times at the Marquee Club.

In 1967, he happened to answer an ad by Ray Williams. When he met him for the first time, Ray handed him an envelope that had lyrics written by Bernie Taupin, who also happened to have answered the same ad. Elton was asked to compose music for the same lyrics, which he did and contacted Bernie. Therefore 1967 was the year, when he first met Bernie Taupin and recorded their first song together, called “Scarecrow”.

Six months after the song, Elton took the name “Elton John” as a gesture of Homage to his band members “Elton Dean” and “Long John Baldry”. On the 7th of January 1972, he filed to change his name legally to “Elton Hercules John”.

DJM Records

Along with Bernie, he joined Dick Jame’s DJM records. They were appointed as songwriters and wrote for several artists including Roger Cook and Lulu. The duo of Taupin and Elton were considered for their fast delivery! Taupin took two hours to write a song and Elton took just half an hour to compose music. Yes, it was that quick!

Elton John composed several hits including “I’m still standing”, “Can you feel the love tonight”, “Candle in the wind”, “Don’t let the sun go down on me”, “Funeral for a friend”, “Honky cat” and many more. “Candle in the Wind” originally released in 1973 but was re-written and performed at Princess Diana’s funeral on 6 September 1997. It became the best seller song of all time.

John arrived at a point in life when he was no more interested in featuring in his own music videos. Therefore, his song “This train won’t stop here” featured Justin Timberlake and “I want Love” featured Robert Downey Jr.


He is undoubtedly one of the best musicians of our times. Elton John was nominated for the Academy Awards  several times, out of which, 2 times he won. He was nominated for the Brit awards more than 6 times, out of which, he won 3 times. He was presented with the golden globe awards 2 times. He won the Grammy’s 4 times.

Net worth

Given that he has had an amazingly successful music career, Elton John accounts for a net worth of about $500 million.

Ending Note

Elton John has been an inspiration for music lovers those pursuing it. But more that anything, he’s been a man of his words. He taught the world to stand their ground and love wholeheartedly. Talking about his perspective on love, he said, “There is nothing wrong with going to bed with someone of your own sex. People should be very free with sex, they should draw the line at goats.”

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