Factors to plan before A/C replacement Dallas, GA!


Most house owners have confusion in taking a decision of repairing or replacing the item when they face frequent air conditioner repairs.

If the repairs are frequent and fixing the issue is more expensive then A/C replacement Dallas GA is the better option. There are so many other factors you must consider while making this decision. Now let us discuss some of the major decision-making factors in brief.

Type and size of the air conditioning unit:

The major factor which influences the decision is the type of air conditioner installed in your house. The Energy department recommends air conditioning replacement Dallas GA if the cooling unit is older than 10 years. EPA (Energy Protection Agency) also recommends the same. If the unit is functioning for less than ten years then you can use the thumb rule for making the decision.

If the cost of repairing the air conditioner is more than 50% of the cooling unit’s cost then the better option is the replacement of the air conditioner. By replacing the old cooling unit with the new high-efficient model air conditioner you also save money because the new high-efficient model consumes less power for the operation which reduces the monthly utility bill.

Tax incentives by the government:

Based on the type of air conditioner you can also apply for tax incentives. If you purchase high-efficient air conditioner then the concerned authority will provide a tax credit for the air conditioner.

EPA has phased out the R-22 refrigerant type air conditioner from the list so buying parts or repairing this type of air conditioner will cost you more and also finding parts for the old model air conditioner is very difficult.

Regular Maintenance:

If the air conditioner is not very old and the cost of repairing the unit is near 50% then you can extend the lifetime of the air conditioner with specific maintenance tasks. Hire an experienced and skilled professional for doing the maintenance work. They will also help you in making the decision since they can determine the operational efficiency of the air conditioner after the repair works.

Convenience and Comfort:

The new air conditioner includes a new warranty and the installer comes to the house only one time for the AC installation Dallas GA. If you are repairing the old air conditioner then the service provider first visits your house for identifying the issue in the air conditioner and also a subsequent visit for fixing the problem and changing the parts if needed.

Both repairing and replacing the air conditioner takes some time but if the air conditioner stops working in the middle of the hot summer then waiting for the repair of the air conditioner will be a loss of convenience and comfort to the family members.

So in this situation, if you are financially good then you can replace the old air conditioner with the new model which takes less time when compared with the time taken for repairing the old air conditioner. Indoor air quality is also one of the major things you must consider while making the decision. Humidity and temperature are more controlled by the new cooling system which improves the quality of the indoor air and gives extra comfort for the family members.

You must replace the old unit if you face any one of the below-mentioned problems or call for cooling and heating repair Dallas GA.

  • Frequent repairs of the air conditioner during the summer season
  • If the air conditioner blows warm air instead of cold air
  • If the air conditioner does not maintain an even temperature in the house
  • If you notice excess sound from the air conditioner because it is an indication of the exertion of the unit.

If you are planning to move from the house then it is best to talk with the broker or the real estate agent to know what may be good for the air conditioning system.

The cost of repairing the unit is less when compared to replacing the cost of the air conditioning system. So, the experts like Western Aire Heating & Cooling recommend selling the air conditioner unit if you are shifting to a new place.

If you are confused in making the decision then hire an expert. They will analyze the situation and the cost factors and help you to make the right decision.Call 770-580-2914 for more information.

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