Unraveling Secrets in Hogwarts Legacy: 10 Essential Tips to Follow the Trail of Coins

follow the trail of coins hogwarts legacy


Embark on a magical journey in the enchanting world of “Hogwarts Legacy,” where mysteries and adventures abound. As a passionate player of this highly anticipated game, I’ve accumulated valuable insights during my Early Access experience. In this article, I share ten essential tips to help you navigate the captivating trail of coins in the wizarding realm of “Hogwarts Legacy.”

1. Your House is Mostly Cosmetic

house HogwartsWB Contrary to popular belief, your chosen House in “Hogwarts Legacy” has minimal impact on the overall gameplay. While it affects your appearance, common hall aesthetics, and initial interactions with certain characters, the major quests and characters remain largely unaffected by your House choice. Enjoy the unique attributes of your House, but rest assured that your journey will be magical regardless of your selection.

2. Navigating The 3D Map

map Hogwarts LegacyWB Discover the ease of navigation within the sprawling world of “Hogwarts Legacy” by utilizing the side list on the map. Instead of spinning the map or hovering over locations, simply select your destination from the list. This feature becomes especially valuable when navigating places like the Room of Requirement. Embrace the convenience and immerse yourself in the detailed beauty of Hogwarts.

3. Embrace the Art of Transmogrification

trasnmog Hogwarts LegacyWB Unleash your creativity through the art of transmogrification. Customize your character’s appearance while retaining the powerful stats of your best gear. Don’t overlook this option; use the prompt to access the transmog menu and create your unique style. With an array of attractive gear, including exclusive transmog-only items, you’ll cast a spell of individuality wherever you go.

 4. Explore Hogwarts with Less Fast Travel

While fast travel is available, consider traversing Hogwarts by foot to experience the intricacy and beauty of the castle. Immersing yourself in the details will reveal hidden secrets and unlock quests as you progress through the game. Witness the gradual revelation of the castle’s mysteries and watch your abilities grow as you delve deeper into this magical world.

5. Invest in Spell Row Upgrades

spell2 Hogwarts LegacyWB As a burgeoning wizard, you’ll acquire an abundance of spells for various purposes. However, the limited spell slots can be overwhelming. Invest in upgrades that expand your spell rows, allowing you to access more spells during your adventures. Balancing combat upgrades with additional spell slots will prove invaluable during your journey.

6. Master the Art of Earning Gold

chests Hogwarts LegacyWB Gold is essential in the wizarding world, and several methods can fatten your coin purse. Hunt for eyeball chests that offer generous rewards. Also, consider selling underpowered gear to vendors for a steady income. Later in the game, capturing and selling magical creatures to a local merchant will further boost your wealth. Unlock the secrets to amassing gold and enjoy the wizarding riches.

7. Decode the Triangle Math Doors

triangle door copy Hogwarts LegacyWB Unlock the mystery of triangle math doors by understanding the numerical symbols adorning them. Each symbol corresponds to a number from 0 to 9, from left to right. The middle number represents the sum of the two adjacent numbers. Calculate the third number based on the existing numbers and symbols, and input it into both triangles to open the door. Decipher the triangles with your mathematical prowess.

8. Level 1-3 Locks: A Gradual Progression

lock1 Hogwarts LegacyWB Mastering lockpicking is essential, but it requires patience and progression. Advance through the main questline until you encounter Mr. Moon, who will teach you the spell for picking locks. Subsequently, locate statues scattered across the map at night to upgrade to level 2 and 3 locks. Embrace the gradual unlocking of this essential skill.

9. Prioritize the Main Questline

Embrace the allure of side quests and exploration, but do not delay progressing through the main questline. Important mechanics and significant spells are learned through this journey. Prioritize your main quest experience to unlock essential features such as pets, spells, brooms, and mounts. Balance your curiosity with the quest for knowledge and power.

10. Await the Broom for Vast Exploration

legacy Hogwarts LegacyWB Yearn to explore the vast Hogwarts countryside, but exercise patience until you unlock the broom. While foot exploration is possible, unlocking the broom will enhance your journey and ease travel. As part of the main questline, you’ll receive flying lessons, granting you access to a broom and the freedom to explore the wide world of “Hogwarts Legacy” from the skies.


With these ten invaluable tips, you are now equipped to embark on an unforgettable adventure in “Hogwarts Legacy.” Follow the trail of coins and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Harry Potter. As you progress, unleash your creativity, explore the secrets of Hogwarts, and discover the depths of your magical legacy. The wizarding realm awaits your exploration!

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