Fusion Yoga, Meditation Or Mindfulness?

Meditation Or Mindfulness

Studies have shown that hours in front of the computer screen may fatigue the optic nerve, which transmits images to the brain, so it is well worth taking some time to give your eyes a break.

This sequence draws from an array of eye exercises that are part of the yoga tradition. Palming alternated with gazing techniques to look away and roll the focus through the points on a clock help to relieve tension in the eyes, face and forehead.

Different forms of fitness methods present today require different equipment and attire. If you are well equipped according to your chosen method then you don’t need to worry.

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Fusion yoga has arrived with a bang! By blending Vinyasa yoga with weights, you’re not only increasing your flexibility and strengthening your core, but you’re getting all the benefits of weight training too. Pulse yoga assists in engaging the smaller muscle groups of the body while maintaining the overall benefits of the yoga poses, and by engaging more muscles in your workout, you’re burning more calories. The class focuses on making small ‘pulsing’ movements with the weights as you work through familiar poses. After 90 minutes, you’ll feel relaxed and energised.

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Stand in mountain pose. Bring weights to hips; pull in your stomach button and step your left foot back about three metres (keep hips square). Bend your right knee slightly; bring your body weight forward on your right foot, grounding on all four corners of your foot. Engage quads and lift your left leg up behind you and parallel to the ground. Make sure you keep your tummy pulled in and hold the dumbbells on your hips. Hold for a count of 20. This works your abs as well as your arms.


Stand in crescent lunge with arms lifted to shoulder height. Push back through the back heel making sure you are aligned and all muscles are engaged. Bring the left weight inside the right foot. Pause and engage the core. Grounded through the legs, twist the spine and lift the right arm up. For modification – you may keep your right hand down and still feel the rotation across the spine, which assists in stimulating nerve endings. Hold for a count of 20.


No, you don’t have to work off every morsel you eat. But before you indulge, consider how much effort it would take to cancel out the calories



Stand in warrior position. Bend knee 90 degrees. Hold arms out and pulse. The engaged shoulders and small muscles within the arms help in creating an added benefit to the pose (it helps sculpt and tone your arms). Do this to a count of 20.

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Preggers and exercising? That’s a smart move, as it’ll help both of you: at 1 MONTH your munchkin will have a stronger heart than her peers. At 2 years the more active you are, the healthier your child’s height-to-weight ratio will be. At 5 years type of women who exercised three times a week while expecting scored higher in tests.


Despite what you may have heard about meditation, it does not require hours of contemplation or a lengthy stay in a yoga class. There’s no need to abandon your worldly possessions or live like a monk! Meditation can easily fit in just fine with any 21st-century routine. In actuality, meditation is an ancient practice that’s been effective for decades of modem science. These days everyone from companies to professional athletes has begun incorporating ft into their regular routine in order to reap the benefits.

Celebrities and business bigwigs like Russell Simmons. Anderson Cooper, Lena Durham Jennifer Aniston, and dozens of others have extolled the benefits of the practice. Clearly, meditation has become mainstream, and its accenting anyone can do.

There’s nothing else that can offer so many advantages with such a small time in fact a few minutes a day! If you decide to start meditating, relief from pain and stress is what you can expect.

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