Fuuka Season 2 release date, plots

Fuuka Season 2

Which type of anime series are you a fan of? If it is a Japanese anime television series, you have come across this enticing series called Fuuka. It was recently released on Netflix and had Japanese storyline background.

The storyline is about the beautiful world of love. Hence it is an exciting and fantastic musical, romantic drama anime series. After the season finale of the first season of Fuuka, fans have been left craving for more.

The release of season two is in high demand. Hence fans are waiting for any information regarding the release date of this anime series. If you are also a fan of Fuuka, this article will help to learn more about the release date of the second season. Stay tuned till the end.

About Fuuka

Fuuka is a romantic drama written by Koji Seo, a Japanese writer. It is an anime television series of manga series Fuuka. The manga series Fuuka has gained a lot of popularity. Hence the drama series has accumulated the same fame as currently.

Fuuka anime series was written by Aoi Akashiro and directed by Keizo Kusakawa. The series currently has only one season, consisting of twelve episodes.

The plot of Fuuka season one

The season premiere of the first season was on January 6, 2017, and ran until March 24 of the same year. The first season has obtained large viewership since it is amicable and has an enticing storyline.

If you have spent some time watching the anime series Fuuka, then the story is at the figure tips. If some episodes have elapsed from memory, worry no more because an overview of the same is currently here.

This anime series is a sequel to the Manga Suzuka of 2004. The storyline of Fuuka revolves around two childhood friends; Yuu Haruna, a longer and avid Twitter user, and Koyuki Higashi.

Yuu Huruna has promised Koyuki Higashi, his childhood friend, that he will start a band. On his way to buy dinner, Yuu stops and takes a picture which he later uploads on Twitter.

While Yuu is trying to take pictures, a high school girl, Fuuka Akitsuki, accidentally bumps into him. Fuuka mistakes Yuu’s actions and accuses him of trying to take her panties pictures. Fuuka takes Yuu’s phone and smashes it down in the middle of the misunderstanding. Fuuka angrily storms out, leaving behind a CD returned the following day by Yuu.

Giving the full details of the story will be less fun. Hence it is good to do a re-watch or if you haven’t watched it, sacrifice some time, and you will find it enjoyable.

The character of Fuuka season 1

For every story to be enjoyable, there are characters, which is still the case with Fuuka. These characters include Yuu Huruna, the main actor; Fuuka Akitsuki, the female lead; Fuuka Aoi, Koyuki Higashi. Minor characters also play a vital role in the series’ production.


There is no exact date when the release of Fuuka season two will occur since a lot of content material has been used in the production of the first season. Hopefully, some material will be created, and season two can be out in 2025 or 2026.

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