Hair Transplant Before and After a Comprehensive Guide


Does a hair transplant work for me? Can a hair transplant give a great result in my hair loss problems? If this problem bothers you go through this blog, this will provide you with all the information that will help you to choose the best.

As hair transplants become a common problem, around 35 million men and 21 million women worldwide suffer from any form of hair loss problem. 87.3 per cent of persons who have taken hair transplants are male.

Before taking a hair transplant, look at the possible results. A reputable clinic like Mittal Hair Clinic will show their hair transplant before and after results to make the right decision and have realistic

What is a Hair Transplant?

A hair transplant is a surgical process in which a hair follicle is removed from the donor site and transplanted in the balding area. (Usually, the donor area will be the back or sides of the head) The process is performed under local anaesthesia, usually taking 3-5 hours. But as per the number of grafts, the time will vary.

The Before and After Process of a Hair Transplant

Before the hair restoration process, top hair transplant surgeon like Dr Manish Mittal first examines the type of hair loss. After that, they determine the number of follicles and the hair transplant method that works great on your hair loss problem.

If you’re considering other options, you can check, which is also a good choice and involves a similar surgical process tailored to your unique situation.

After determining the number of follicles and the hair transplant method, the doctor will advise you to stop taking any medication and avoid smoking and drinking alcohol for a few days before the procedure.

After the hair restoration process, the doctor gives you the postoperative instructions you need to follow in your transplanted hair and the donor site’s proper recovery. After the hair transplant, the transplanted area may appear red and swollen for a few days, and you will experience some discomfort. For these minimal problems, the doctor provides you with proper medication. That will manage the discomfort and swollen issues. To get the best natural results, follow the instructions provided by your surgeon.

What to Expect During Recovery after a Hair Transplant

After the hair transplant process and taking all the aftercare instructions from your surgeon, the transplanted hair follicle will enter into the resting phase. It takes a few months to grow the transplanted follicle. You will see all the outcomes of the hair transplant after a year.

But till then, you have to cover your transplanted hair. You will also experience the shedding of transplanted hair, a normal part of the healing process. During this time, you must avoid strenuous activity and exposure to direct sunlight for a few weeks after the procedure.

Maintaining the Results of a Hair Transplant

After a hair transplant, everyone wants to maintain the results for a long time. You will get permanent results after a hair transplant, and the results also improve if you follow a healthy lifestyle and take care of the scalp of the transplanted hair. You can take care of transplanted hair with the gentle use of hair care products and also avoid chemicals and heat styling tools. A part of this also protects your hair and scalp from direct sunlight.


Hair transplant surgery is an effective and permanent solution for hair loss that gives you natural results. By understanding the different types of procedures, the before and after the process, and how to maintain the results, patients can achieve a natural-looking and healthy head of hair. Choosing a qualified and experienced surgeon like Dr Manish Mittal is essential to ensure the best possible results.

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