Here’s Why People Purchase Memorial Trees for Their Loved Ones

Here’s Why People Purchase Memorial Trees for Their Loved Ones

The concept of planting memorial trees has been around for centuries. It has been practiced by many different types of people around the globe searching for a healthy way to grieve the loss of those close to them. Many different cultures harness the beauty of remembrance trees to honor the memory of those passed. It’s no insignificant detail that the tree has been chosen for this special tribute. The feelings of loss and anguish can be profound making the bereavement process even more difficult to endure.

A tangible living tree can offer solace and comfort as it nurtures the life systems that surround it. Memorial trees are more than just chosen trees with yellow ribbons, they are trees that are specially planted with a specific purpose. As that purpose is fulfilled, the healing process begins to manifest in those who are grieving the loss of someone close to them. There are multiple reasons why people purchase these special remembrance trees for their loved ones. Here are just a few of the most common.

Trees Symbolize Life

Trees symbolize life in almost every culture. They are a symbol of nature’s beauty and strength that supports and sustains the life around them. This often makes an excellent tribute to a lost loved one. Many times, trees are regarded as witnesses to human evolution for their mystical nature. The roots reach deep into the ground as the rest of the tree grows thicker and taller into the sky. The leaves often dry up and fall off with the seasons leaving room for new growth and symbolizing the circle of life in its totality. This helps offer a tangible representation of a loved one’s time here in this world.

It Supports the Healing Process

The grieving process can be one of the most difficult experiences that people endure. The feelings of loss are profound and intense. It can be challenging for people to learn how to navigate those overwhelming feelings of loss and sadness while simultaneously dealing with a flood of emotions. The loss of a loved one is a deep personal tragedy which often requires an extended bereavement process to overcome. Planting memorial trees often helps people to cope and move past those negative emotions to a place where they can begin healing.

Lasts Longer Than Cards and Flowers

Planting memorial trees lasts longer than sending sympathy cards or flowers which only offers temporary comfort. Cards often end up damaged or lost, a tragic reminder of a painful memory. Flowers wilt and die no matter how well they are cared for, leaving a mess to be cleaned up. Again, they can be another painful reminder of a personal tragedy. Planting a remembrance tree is an elegant way to offer comfort and solace while paying tribute to the memory of someone special. Mourners often take comfort in the fact that a memorial tree will be enjoyed by future generations.

Nurtures the Environment

Planting a tribute tree is a special way to help nurture the environment. They help rid the air of harsh toxins while releasing much needed oxygen for all living things. Trees provide special habitats for all kinds of creatures that call the forest home while nurturing the delicate ecosystems that surround them. They also return vital nutrients to the soil while helping balance the various life forms that coexist in the same space.

The roots of trees help aerate the soil for various fauna and plant life while trees themselves play a critical role in the water system. As they grow, they supply shelter and shade for the various life forms in the forest. The leaves that fall off in the winter time help to revitalize the soil beneath along with the dying foliage. Trees are representative of the circle of life and planting one in memory of a loved one helps nurture the environment.

Replenishes National Parks

Planting memorial trees helps replenish National Parks that may have been decimated by fires or other natural disasters. It takes nearly 250 trees to replenish a single acre of forest land and you must account for the time it takes for them to grow. Unfortunately, thousands of acres of forest land are lost annually to fires and weather disasters. Planting legacy trees in honor of loved ones is a fantastic way to help naturally combat this process and replenish lost forests. Memory trees actively participate in nature’s legacy while simultaneously paying tribute to someone’s memory in a beautiful and compassionate way.

Pays Tribute

Planting legacy trees is an elegant and graceful way to pay tribute to someone’s special memory. When you want to honor the person they were, and the life they lived, there’s no better symbol than the majestic life nurturing tree. The natural strength and beauty of trees helps offer comfort and solace in the face of a tragic loss. Not only are you paying tribute to the special memory of a loved one when you plant a legacy tree, but you are ensuring their memory lives on for years to come. Nature has healing attributes that can help people through difficult times. There is no better way to grieve the loss of a loved one than to pay tribute to their memory with a special legacy tree.

Purchase Your Memorial Trees Today

There is no better way to honor a loved one than by planting a tree or several trees. Trees help symbolize the delicate balance of life while encouraging the healing process after a tragic loss. Planting a legacy tree is a fantastic way to pay tribute to honor a loved one while nurturing the environment. It’s also a greener option than cards and flowers which can require a large carbon footprint.

Purchasing memorial trees is a fantastic way to help replenish the National Parks and Forests who so desperately need it while working through personal tragedy in a positive way. If you are looking for a truly special way to honor a loved one with grace and beauty, consider purchasing legacy trees today. There’s no better symbol of the internal conflict felt when a loved one passes than a majestic living tree.

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